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|| 1 || Favourite Places - PRESALE NOW

Through audio, images and written word ten artists depict their favourite places in the world. Microphones capturing the field of sound; compositions expressing their creative reaction; photographs and words. This is an unique CD delivering a deeply personal viewpoint on the world in which we inhabit.

The first reviews are in > http://www.audiobulb.com/albums/FP1/FP1-reviews.htm 

1 | Favourite Places features inspiring works by:

- Leafcutter John
- Taylor Deupree
- RF
- Biosphere
- Dot Tape Dot
- Claudia
- John Kannenberg
- Aaron Ximm 
- Build
- Nomad Palace 
The CD is further enhanced by a bespoke design perspective delivered by the Stereographic team. Each CD has been hand finished with individually placed location stickers. A poster inlay provides a wealth of information on the external and internal worlds of significance, both visited and brought to life through the works of each artist. 1 | Favourite Places is available as a presale now. Visit the ABulb shop here > http://www.audiobulb.com/ab-shop.htm 

|| 2 || Calika - Seedling Mother : OUT NOW

Simon Kealoha's second album on Audiobulb continues to provoke and impress reviewers and listeners with its interplay of detailed electronic and acoustic elements. 

All Calika reviews > http://www.audiobulb.com/albums/Calika-Seedling/calika-seedling-reviews.htm 

+ 2 quarters make half a smile - mp3 preview http://www.audiobulb.com/albums/Calika-Seedling/Audiobulb-Calika-2_quarters_make_half_a_smile_(extract).mp3 

+ every colour - mp3 preview http://www.audiobulb.com/albums/Calika-Seedling/Audiobulb-Calika-every_colour_(extract).mp3 

Seedling Mother is available on CD and digital download from the ABulb Shop, iTunes & eMusic.


|| 3 || Calika  : LIVE

Simon Kealoha takes his beautiful electroacoustic sound on tour ::

+ SEOne Club in London - 8th Feb 2008

+ Robot Versus Dinosaur in Birmingham - 15th Feb 2008


|| 4 || FZ-Bulb in the rig  : CRAQUE

Craque details his stunning experiments with sound processing here > 


His blog highlights the role of FZ-Bulb in his electro-acoustic rig. The outcome is his excellent Tangent album. Check out his blog and leave him a message!


|| 5 || Audiobulb climbs higher : COMMITTED & HARD XS

Sheffield is situated in the heart of a climbing community based that is centred on the beautiful peak district. It seems that our music has touched the community with tracks from OTI, Ultre and Calika appearing on two newly released DVDs from award winning film makers.

+ Committed http://www.hotaches.com examines the diversity of climbing styles and locations that make the British Trad scene unique and respected around the world.

+ Hard XS http://www.slackjaw.co.uk is a collection of short films that provide a rip-roaring ride into the heart and soul of the British climbing experience. 


|| 6 || Audiobulb : SECOND LIFE?

Audiobulb is looking for a representative within second life to promote and distribute the music in that setting. Responsibilities will include promotion, marketing and sales within the SL2 environment. Payment will be commission based in Lindens. Apply here > contact [at no spam] audiobulb.com  


Until next time > spread the word > talk & blog > visit the shop > support indie music

web > http://www.audiobulb.com 

shop > http://www.audiobulb.com/ab-shop.htm
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