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Welcome to the February issue of Furthernoise.org

As always we have a feast of new reviews on releases from a host of 
international musicians and sound artists. The audio player is once 
again stacked full of new sounds, so sit back and read, listen or watch 
the new years issue of Furthernoise.org.

"13 Tracks - Gintas K" (review)
I first became aware of Gintas K when when we both contributed remixes 
to Jody Roses' Singing Bridges album a few years ago and being 
impressed with his contribution, I have kept up his exploits ever 
review by Roger Mills

"Dithernoise 2007" (review)
Dithernoise (aka Simon Longo) is a sound artist based in London who has 
been experimenting with electronic music since the end of the 1980s, 
with several recordings released on experimental labels. Dithernoise 
2007 features several works from the artist's installations and new 
review by Alex Young

"Heart Cell Memory - Devin Sarno & G.E. Stinson" (review)
An exploration of low-frequency drones, tones and textures, featuring 
electric guitar, electric bass and "implements" as the sound sources. 
Unlike some drone recordings, the volume and intensity varies 
dramatically throughout the recording, which is best appreciated under 
direct listening rather than in the background.
review by Bill Binkelman

"Hollar, Rashaya and Resistance Cruisers - Matt Weston" (review)
Hollar, Rashaya, and Resistance Cruisers are three releases by Matt 
Weston on the newish 7272Music label. As a solo percussionist, he has 
collaborated with improvisors such as Arthur Brooks, Bill Dixon, Kevin 
Drumm, Paul Flaherty, Charles Gayle, Milford Graves, Le Quan Ninh, Bob 
Marsh, Jim O'Rourke, William Paker and Ken Vandermark and Jack Wright.
review by Derek Morton

"klage - Thanos Chrysakis" (review)
With Klage, composer and vibraphonist Thanos Chrysakis has launched his 
own CD label with a collection of nine wandering atmospherics, sonic 
environments of uncertain origins, some of which retain performative 
aspects that reveal his training as a percussionist, and some of which 
spring entirely from his imagination.
review by Caleb Deupree

"Lukas Simonis & Takayuki Kawabata" (review)
The music on Lukas Simonis' latest release, News, consists of two 
cello’s played by Nina Hitz and Kumi Kondo, the enigmatic voice of Miki 
Sugiura and Mr Simonis on guitar, not that it sounds like a guitar very 
often. Apparently, although the ensemble was given musical pointers by 
the composer, the tracks are predominately 'spur of the moment' stuff.
review by Mark Francombe

"mwvm - Rotations" (review)
The field of guitar atmospherics, of treated tones and delay-drizzled 
drones, has become increasingly populous. There’s a lineage here 
traceable from Fripp&Eno's early 70s proto-ambience through Durutti's 
echoplex-doodlings to MBV's shoegaze-haze at either end of the 80s. But 
it's the Kranky clan whose legacy has most fuelled the current crop, 
among whom find mwvm...
review by Alan Lockett

"Ocean Fire - Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christopher Willits" (review)
Ocean Fire expends more energy than it recycles, and it seeks an 
evolution rather than a transfusion of the respective backgrounds of 
composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and musician and multimedia artist 
Christopher Willits. Sakamoto is the elder of the two - a founding 
member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, he has provided scores for over 
twenty films.
review by Max Schaefer

"Sillage - Brendan Murray & Seth Nehil" (review)
Sillage stands as a near impenetrable domain. Its interplanetary 
baubles and esoteric tinsel set in motion a search for minute shifts in 
the texture of sound, changing relationships between chance and 
composition, and in so doing, emphasize the importance of listening as 
an all-consuming mode of awareness.
review by Max Schaefer

"Tacet - Luca Formentini" (review)
As all symphonic players will testify, coming across Tacet (Latin for 
silent) in your score is often a welcome respite from playing, a chance 
to recover breath and to enjoy a momentary space between your parts. It 
is a time to soak up the collective sound environment and feel the 
music, while counting down to your next contribution.
review by Roger Mills

"The Seasons Unfold Sampler - Tor Lundvall" (review)
Tor Lundvall has been producing "paintings with sound" for some time. 
But not till last album Empty City did his distinctive crepuscular 
song-scapes appear on the radar. "The Seasons Unfold" - Sampler trails 
a 4CD-set assemblage of early works conceived as a quadriptych of the 
four seasons.
review by Alan Lockett

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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