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brekekekexkoaxkoax | The Doukipudonktian
Net Release Date: December 2008 
Codec: mp3 [320kbs VBR]
Physical in August 2009 
Edition 50

Josh Ronsen | laptop computer, AM radio
Vanessa Arn | triwave picogenerator, electronics 

Based in Austin, Texas, brekekekexkoaxkoax has taken many forms
since 1996, exploring performance art, creative improvised and
electro-acoustic music. "The Doukipudonktian" excerpts two live
performances of Josh Ronsen and Vanessa Arn in Houston (2004) and
Austin (2005). The music, completely improvised, was presented with a
video projections by Ronsen. Ronsen has also worked with Frequency
Curtain, the Gates Ensemble and the Austin New Music Co-Op. Arn has
worked with psych-rockers Primordial Undermind and Tom Carter and now
lives in Vienna, Austria. 

 josh russell
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