[microsound-announce] Andrew Duke In The Mix 15Dec08 show

Andrew Duke andrew at andrew-duke.com
Tue Dec 16 02:37:14 EST 2008

Cognition Audioworks presents Andrew Duke In The Mix 15Dec08 show
1hr 58min 320kbps MP3


previous shows:

01. Robert Henke--Layer 001 (from Layering Buddha) (Imbalance Computer 
Music 06)
02. Variant—-The Setting Sun (Echospace [Detroit])
03. Burial--In MacDonald’s (from Untrue) (Hyperdub)
04. Francisco Lopez--Brain Research (from TechnoCalyps original motion 
picture soundtrack) (Alien8 CD77)
05. Fern Lodge—-Moss
06. Clinker—-The Aggregates (pt. 1--Fluorescence) (Clinkersound)
07. Andrea Borghi--Magi (Andp32)
08. Galerie Stratique--Mecanique Onirique (from Faux World) (Statik)
09. Kim Cascone--The Little Apocrypha (from In Memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky 
compilation) (Exc 015)
10. Machinefabriek + Stephen Vitiello--Bells, Book, Tin Foil, Buttons 
(from Box Music) (12k 1048)
11. Sawako--Alexander wendt remix (from Summer Tour Remixes Volume 2) 
12. Amplifier Machine--Her Mouth Is An Outlaw (from Her Mouth Is An 
Outlaw) (12k 1049)
13. Mental Health Consumer—Disconnected (from The Measurement Spoils The 
Data) (Experimedia 050)
14. Naw--Faulty Sky Machine (from Digital Dub compilation) (Vague 
Terrain 010)
15. Meczup--Ongles Coupes
16. Cray—Kinamets (track 5 of 7) (Snapped In Half 16)
17. Andrew Duke--Ninety Seven (Cognition Audioworks)
18. Ascanio Borga—Self Interference (from Inner Geometry)
19. Subtle Noise Maker—Circuitricity
20. Aidan Baker Tim Hecker--Phantom On A Pedestal (from Fantasma 
Parastasie) (Alien8 CD81)
21. Konsole--Dub Select (from General Assembly compilation) (Diplomatik 003)
22. Aidan Baker Tim Hecker--Hymn To The Idea Of Night (from Fantasma 
Parastasie) (Alien8 CD81)
23. Monoceros--6EQUJ5 (from I Feel Apocalyptic Today) (Imaginary 
Nonexistent 008)
24. Saikoss--Page 7 Line 17 (Mule Electronic)
25. Vangelis—-Rachel’s Song (from Blade Runner original motion picture 
soundtrack) (Atlantic)
26. Scuba--Tell Her (Hot Flush)
27. Mosaik--Rubik (Monotonik 066)
28. Twister--Watercolour (from Ascension 3) (Sci 008)
29. Pinch—-Qawwali 1
30. Shahrokh Sound Of K. featuring Toynin Taylor--Love Happens (from 
Dripping Point) (Compost 306-9)
31. Boys Noize--The Battery (Boys Noize)
32. The Bug featuring Flowdan--Jah War (Loefah remix) (Ninja Tune)
33. Black Mass Plastics--Pandemic (from Mutate To Survive) (Rag & Bone 019)
34. Jimmy Edgar--My Beats (from Color Strip) (Warp)
35. Ill.Gates & Meesha--Eggplantation (from Autopirate) (Muti! CD006)
36. Fool--Drama (Hum + Haw 002)
37. Milosh--Awful Game (Studio !K7)
38. Adrien 75--Enter The Realm (from Theo Fish Hole Spawn Spore)
39. Excision--Serious Business (from Wasted/Serious Business) (Rag & 
Bone 020)
40. Rusko & Caspa--Custard Chucker (Sub Soldiers)
41. Kode 9 & Space Ape--Portal (Hyperdub)
42. Ookpikk--Hooray For Public Healthcare (from Total Home-Job) (So Called)
43. Truckasaurus--Ain't No Danbo (Fourth City)
44. Rec Overflow featuring Crisopa--Negative Thing (from Popular Is 
Wrong) (Ltwnet0020)
45. Lackluster vs Keef Baker (N5MD)
46. Mimosa--Lullabyte (from Hostilis) (Muti! 023)
47. Zeno--Blazin' The Stuff (from Blazin' The Stuff/Boxed In) 
(Sub.mission 5U8.999)
48. Komonazmuk--Preset Whore (Mode)
49. Jimmy Edgar--I Wanna Be Your STD (from Color Strip) (Warp)
50. Common--The Light '09 (Beatnick & K-Salaam remix) (from S.T.O.R.Y.)
51. Jay Haze--Cocktail (from Love & Beyond Part II) (Tuning Spork)
52. Kardinall Offishall featuring The Clipse--Set It Off (from Not 4 
Sale) (Konlive)
53. Model 500--The Flow (R & S)
54. T.R.O.--Phasejump (Maschine Musik 011)
55. Herbaliser--You're Not All That (Studio !K7)
56. Dino Felipe--Alien Ation (from Personality Crisis) (Bedroom Research 
57. :Papercutz--Ultravioleta (Neotropic's Violet Of Ultra mix) (from 
Ultravioleta remixes) (Apegenine 006)
58. The Hermit--Home (Tomas Jirku's Naturhaus mix) (Nettwerk)
59. Bitbasic--Strafe (from Andrew Duke Chain Reaction contest) 
(Foem/Crema 004)
60. Burial--Distant Lights (Kode 9 mix) (from Distant Lights) (Hyperdub)

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