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PBK here:

In September I began a blog called The Sound Genetic to document my musical
activities since the mid '80's. I've designed this as a netlabel with free
album downloads. Many interesting items can be found there:

PBK & John Wiggins-Where Pathways Meet 2001
PBK & Vidna Obmana-Depression And Ideal 1989
PBK & Artemis K(Acclimate)-Dreams Into Dust 2000
PBK-Listening To The World Vibrate 1995
PBK-The Mescaline Tracks 1997
PBK-Narcosis 1990

And many others...


Latest post is: Jim O'Rourke mixtapes: two tapes of mostly electroacoustic
music(ex. Bayle, Dolden, P. Henry, Parmegianni, etc.) sent to me in 1989 by
Jim O. Provides insight into the influences on the future producer of Faust,
Wilco, and collaborator with Sonic Youth:

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