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Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Sun Sep 30 11:32:22 EDT 2007

In the Autumn issue of Furthernoise.org we are flagging up a host of 
new releases and a special feature on experimental composer & tuba 
player Tom Heasley. We have news on events and performances as well as 
the new podcast facility for our fortnightly radio programme on BCFM 

Furthernoise issue October 2007

"Tom Heasley: composer, tuba, didjeridoo" (feature)
Composer and performer Tom Heasley holds a unique place in the current 
drone/space/deep ambient scene, in that his primary instrument is the 
tuba. Since his first solo album in 2001, Heasley has released three 
CD's of beautiful, slow moving, deep ambient music.
feature by Caleb Deupree

"Chroma - Paul Bradley" (review)
Abstract experimental music, unlike most varieties, doesn’t do anything 
so obvious as to represent directly something in a world outside 
itself. But it usually contains at least some veiled gesture towards a 
potential object to connect to. What to make of a stream of soft-edged 
tonal material gradually mounting in pitch and frequency?
review by Alan Lockett

"Find the Girl! - Abolipop Records" (review)
Abolipop Records are an independent label based in Guadalajara, Mexico, 
who promote a diverse collection of artists ranging from post-rock to 
electronica. Find the Girl! (AR010) is Abolipop's 2007 compilation, 
featuring tracks from recent and upcoming releases.
review by Alex Young

"Lets The Sun Drag Itself Out In A Long Ray - P Jørgensen" (review)
For P Jørgensen, an early experience at the rudimentary DIY end of 
music-making proved to be an epiphany. He’d recorded and recorded again 
and again onto a particular tape, until one day natural wear-and-tear 
conspired with the slippage of various asynchronous overdubs, and his 
cassette player reeled out an unwanted sound.
review by Alan Lockett

"Marches Of The New World - David Maranha" (review)
As something of a vestigial relic, the appealing quality of Marches Of 
The New World opens up when it is perceived in its historical context: 
the drone music featured on this recording, unlike much of what is 
presently made readily available, extends from both instruments and 
electronics, which afford it a freshness and sharp sense of rhythmic 
review by Max Schaefer

"Signal - Robotron" (review)
Robotron, a collaboration between Olaf Bender, Frank Bretschneider, and 
Christian Nicolai, though full of all sorts of gunk and fuzz that prove 
quite funky, realizes these capabilities in an empty vortex, and is 
essentially a celibate machine. Nicolai, for one, has expressed his 
interest in atomized units of information,
review by Max Schaefer

"Sonorine - My Fun" (review)
A Sonorine is was a black lacquer disc, made around the time of the 
First World War, used to send a ‘talking postcard’. The second 
full-length release from My Fun (Justin Hardison) this Sonorine is a 
postcard from more recent times, made in part from field recordings 
Hardison collected as a way of remembering the people and places of his 
review by Stacey Sewell

"The Astrum Argentum - Kim Cascone" (review)
Very much of an introduction to Kim Cascone will be superfluous to many 
for his music has inspired countless numbers of people interested in 
electronic music over the last 30 years. From the PGR releases on his 
own first label Silent Records to Anechoic and his founding of the 
Microsound list he has also been instrumental in carving out a path for 
electronic musicians to develop their own practices.
review by Roger Mills

"Yasujiro Ozu - Hitokomakura" (review)
The and/OAR label, which mainly focuses on “environmental recordings,” 
has beaten the odds and delivered a highly engaging concept record in 
the form of a double CD, various-artist tribute to the late Japanese 
filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu. Steve Roden, Alejandra & Aeron, Bernard Gunter, 
Marc Behrens, and John Hudak are a just a few of the notable artists 
that contributed works.
review by Derek Morton

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