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Thaniel Lee thanielionlee at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 05:08:13 EDT 2007

<http://tionlee.blogspot.com/2007/09/updates-from-thaniel-ion-lee.html> hello,
everyone .

this is the first of the once a month update news letter i am planning to
send sometime during every month.

I have added new work to the works section of my web page [
http://thanielarts.blogspot.com/ ],

I just recently finished the 6th work in the 21 works that will make up the
circa drawings, and im putting them on the site sometime early next month

Next month [October 24th ] im am doing a split show with Paul neufelder  at
the jewish community center in Indianapolis Indiana. i will have about 12
new works and ill also be showing about 6 or 8 really old works from when i
mostly painted landscapes.
more info and the exact address of the opening will  be mail as soon as i
get it,  but the link to the show, and some photos of my older work is
at http://www.jccindy.org/page.html?ArticleID=125238

and last but not least i am working on a web only show, the
opening/up-loading of the show will be sometime very early next year and i
will be sponsored by the KCFCA [kentuckiana center for conceptual art ].

for more info or questions email me at *thanielionlee at gmail.com*


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