[Microsound-announce] Endless Endless: v5

David @ Audiobulb dwnewman at clara.co.uk
Wed Sep 12 12:03:20 EDT 2007

Endless Endless: v5

The latest edition of this increasing and evolving ambient journey is released from the PROJECT page of www.audiobulb.com.

Featuring the following works:

+ air structure [minim.all] 
+ a sense of ease [five step path] 
+ pack ice [escalation 819] 
+ inhospitable [jeff sampson] 
+ 1.618 [william tomlinson] 
+ leaving the dark places (excerpt) [generic] 
+ 120 [effacer] 
+ if gordon gano was a sloth [adcbicycle] 
+ murther and walking spirits [the oo-ray] 
+ waiting room [ochre] 
+ gr_w [ocp] 
+ alternates (1_b)(excerpt) [billy gomberg] 
+ passing of childhood [autistici] 
+ bbbb [gintas k] 
+ without end [john kannenberg] 
+ truck becomes organ [c.cruz] 
+ ueiop [craque] 
+ one20s [tmns] 
+ woe misgiving [andrew halliday] 
+ number 1 [tom lynn] 
+ adrift [artic sunrise] 
+ buenos aires endless [btb] 
+ beneath the foyer [mark.nine] 
+ fortuna [william tomlinson] 
+ modus ponens [francesco rosati]

Each artist provided a 120 second track that was merged alternatively into the start and the end of the piece to form an evolving narrative.

Endless Endless will always be open to new submissions.

Many thanks & best wishes

David Newman
Audiobulb Records
exploratory music

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