[Microsound-announce] JTTP 2007 Official Launch on Where's the Beat (now!)

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Wed Sep 12 09:03:35 EDT 2007

on now, guests from the JTTP top 5

At 00:36 +0200 9/10/07, CEC jef chippewa wrote:
>JTTP 2007 Launch on Where's the Beat?
>CKUT 90.3 FM, McGill University
>Wednesday September 12, 2007 09:00-11:00 (EST)
>Berlin 15:00 | Melbourne 23:00 (Wednesday) | 
>Montréal/Toronto 09:00 | Vancouver 06:00
>Eliot Handelman will be hosting the official 
>JTTP 2007 release during this week's edition of 
>Where's the Beat? The top 5 works as selected by 
>the jury for this year's project will be played 
>during the broadcast, as well a bunch of other 
>stuff that we cannot divulge at the moment...
>      1. Dominic Thibault -- Nuit noire, Nuit grise (2006)
>      2. Georges Forget -- Orages D'acier (2007)
>      3. Thierry Gauthier -- Cycles (2007)
>      4. Olivier Girouard -- Le pont du souvenir (2007)
>      5. Félix Lebrun-Paré -- La volonté du périscope (2007)
>In the broadcast booth with Eliot will be guests 
>from the top 5 and from the CEC. Call-ins 
>welcome: +1 514 398 4616. For non-Montréalers, 
>catch the programme online via CKUT's live 
>internet feed at: http://ckut.ca
>The CEC wishes to thank Eliot and Where's the 
>Beat? for their ongoing support of JTTP. WTB? 
>has hosted the official launch since 2002.
>Check out the CKUT/QPIRG Open House/Garage 
>Sale/BBQ, from 11am-5pm at the station (3647 
>University) on September 12. Free veggie dog 
>with a CD purchase, all items are priced to go 
>home with you.
>Where's the Beat? -- Eliot Handelman & Kathy Kennedy (alternating)
>Irreverent, honest, no-holds-barred presentation 
>of contemporary classical and electroacoustic 
>music, punctuated by discussion of related 
>issues. Website includes archived shows. "[Eliot 
>is] m and Kathy is c^2. Together [they] create 
>List of online radio programmes programming 
>electroacoustic content (eContact! 8.4)
>More info on the larger JTTP project:
>Programme notes and composer biographies for all 
>JTTP 2007 submissions, as well as a list of the 
>Project Partners and jury members is found in 
>issue 10.1 of eContact!, the CEC's online 
>journal of electroacoustics.
>All works from the CEC's annual JTTP project 
>appear in SONUS, the CEC's online Jukebox of 
>2000+ electroacoustic works (search for "JTTP 
>2007" in the "Appeared in" field).


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Canadian Electroacoustic Community
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