[Microsound-announce] BiP_HOp Generation v.8 is Qwartz-awarded best compilation in 2006

Philippe Petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Tue Mar 27 04:30:05 EDT 2007

Dear Readers,
Back in December I was announcing that BiP_HOp had been nominated by  
Qwartz Awards In Electronic Music in the categories "Best  
compilation" (BiP_HOp Generation 8) & "Best song" (Same Actor)
I was asking you to support and vote for us

Over the WE took place the Qwartz ceremony and to my great surprise  
BiP_HOp Generation v.8 has been Qwartz-awarded best compilation in 2006
According to the organisers we won because their jury loved the  
record but most of everything because a large amount of people click- 
voted for us, so allow me to THANK those of you who did

Staubgold was Qwartz-awarded best label in 2006 which pleased me as I  
consider it to be an amazing brand
Synch (Greece) + Nuits Sonores (Lyon) got Qwartz-awarded best  
festivals in 2006, and again that is a much deserved distinction

On Thursday I shared stage with Leafcutter John, Marsen Juhls... Also  
played over the WE Si-cut.db, Markus Detmer from Staubgold, FM3...  
and several others...
So as you could imagine that was a pleasant WE in Paris
Hav a nice week


PS: for those who might have forgotten...

BiP_HOp Generation v. 8 [bleep 32]
79 minutes which illustrate perfectly the contemporary alliance of  
acoustic instruments and digital technologies in music
MURCOF works primarily with orchestral samples, processing the sound  
sources into new textures and fusing them with microscopic sounds and  
rhythms. His music is published on Leaf records.
TENNIS is the occasional project of Ben Edwards (Benge) and Douglas  
Benford (si-cut.db). Their music is an amalgam of miniature rhythmic  
sounds and digitized processing.
MITCHELL AKIYAMA is a Montreal based composer, interested in  
unconventional ways  of playing conventional instruments. He has  
recorded for Sub Rosa, Raster- Noton, Substractif, Staalplaat, and  
several others...
MINAMO is an electro-acoustic quartet from Tokyo, they have released  
music for 12K, Apestaartje, Cubic...
TU M' is a duo from central Italy, who chose their name from Marcel  
Duchamp's last painting. They have released records on labels such as  
Dekorder, Phthalo, ERS/Staalplaat, Fallt...
STRINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS work on musical motifs that can evoke at  
times a stormy, cinematic, or contemporary atmosphere.
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