[Microsound-announce] Nihilist Spasm Band & Reynols - Kapotte Muziek vs Goem

Dimitri della Faille dimitridf at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 20 17:03:19 EDT 2007

Hello people from Microsound!

Hushush is very happy to let you know about the release of its two most recent CD’s.


Nihilist Spasm Band & Reynols [HSH16]
No Borders to No Borders

The Nihilist Spasm Band has existed now for more than 40 years, hailing from
Ontario, Canada. These forerunners of the current noise and improvisation scenes
know no artistic borders and have no boundaries to their imagination. They crossed
the path of the Reynols, an Argentine improvisation trio of globetrotters headed by
Miguel Tomasín, a drummer who suffers from the Down’s Syndrome.
MP3 excerpt:
Detailed overview:


Kapotte Muziek vs. Goem [HSH17]

The confrontation of Netherlands' two most famous experimental bands Kapotte Muziek
and Goem. Goem brings its minimal sound consisting of simple pulses and dense layers
of analog synthesizers and extreme sound filtering. On the other hand, Kapotte
Muziek comes with its distinctive electroacoustic music with many subtleties and an
almost cinematic quality. Both universes give this release a crispy, dense,
well-defined and minimal sound.
MP3 excerpt:
Detailed overview:


We’ve recently added an online flash MP3 player with excerpts from all of our
Hushush releases to our site. In total, that’s about one hour of free high quality


Angle Rec from Montréal will take over our distribution and will fill in all our
mail orders. If you cannot find our releases in your favourite online store, tell
them to contact Martin Lemoine order at angle-rec.net 
The following page has all the needed information for you to purchase our releases


For a limited time only, we are making available for mail orders at Angle Rec a few
of our deleted, long sold out, releases. They include two hard to find vinyl records
by Mick Harris as well as the extraordinary Pesticides for ever kit by Moonsanto and
the famous Peak of Nothingness CD by KK Null!

Additionally, any mail order purchase of two or more releases from Hushush, Angle
Rec will include a free copy of the celebrated Hed Nod compilation!

Thank you for your attention
For Disques Hushush Inc
Dimitri della Faille

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