[Microsound-announce] Störung Festival 2.0 - 3/4/5 May 2007 - Barcelona (Spain)

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Mon Mar 19 17:04:30 EDT 2007

Störung - música electrónica minimalista y experimental - is proud to present:

__ S t ö r u n g    F e s t i v a l   2 . 0 

where >>
    3/4/5  May 2007

when >>
    Farinera del Clot
    Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 837 
    Barcelona (Spain)

who >>

_______3th of May - 21:00h_____________
Murcof (Leaf, MEX)
Nigul (Störung, SPA)
La Jovenc (White Label Music, ITA)

_______4th of May - 21:00h_____________
Kangding Ray (Raster-Noton, FRA)
Asférico (Störung, SPA)
Pygar (Synergy-NetWorks, POR)

_______5th of May - 21:00h_____________
Scanner (SubRosa, UK)
Daniele Cortese + Stefano Zatti (Störung, ITA)
elufo (Störung, SPA)

For further information: www.storung.com

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