[Microsound-announce] naw winter news

Neil Wiernik neil at phoniq.net
Wed Dec 26 00:32:38 EST 2007


I hope this email finds every well and enjoying the the time of year, I think 
it has been since the summer that I have sent out any naw updates so since 
there is a bunch of good news I figured that this would be as good a time as 

First off I have kicked cancers ass and Im officially in remission. Now that Im 
done cancer treatment and recovering, I will slowly begin to play shows again. 
I cant promise that I will be back in the saddle again playing live multiple 
times a month right away, as I need to heal and recover but at least I will be 
playing out more often then I have been since the spring when I began being 
treated for cancer.

I have been booked for a few dates towards the end of this year and into early 
next, which I will list at the bottom of this message so in case you want to 
attend one of the shows you can. As for new releases being put out I recently 
released a new track on the changes compilation put out by the nice people at 
pertin_nce, I will also be releasing another new track on a second compilation 
they are putting out in the early new year tentatively called trial. You can 
find all the information about these releases at http://www.pertin-nce.com and 
best of all they are free to download.

As for more material I have written a lot of new material over the last year 
that equates to more then one full length release, so over over the next while 
you should see more new music released in the form of full lengths, eps and 
compilation tracks when they will see the light of day I cant tell that is up 
to the labels I am working with but I promise you all that they will be 

below is a listing of up coming show between now and early Jan as more shows 
get announced after that you can simply check out www.phoniq.net the official 
naw website which has recently been updated.

Thanks again and have a happy holiday season.

neil aka naw

sunday dec 30th - Montreal - live on ckut-fm 90.3 - 4-5pm - live stream via 

monday dec 31st - Montreal - live at interface mtl - location tba see website
full info for the event can be found at http://www.virb.com/interchangemtl

tuesday jan 1st - Montreal - live at transition (soundscapes) - 435 beaubien 
loft 200 - full info for the event can be found at http://labsynthese.com

friday jan 4th - Toronto - live at binary soundstripe 'a night of dub techno' - 
647 King Street West 10pm till ?? also featuring dennis j, mike bishop and 
visuals by ppp. this event is free.


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