[Microsound-announce] U.S.O. Project Live

U.S.O. Project unidentified.sound.object at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 04:24:24 EST 2007

Matteo Milani<http://www.symbolicsound.com/cgi-bin/bin/view/User/MatteoMilani>and
Placidi <http://www.symbolicsound.com/cgi-bin/bin/view/User/FedericoPlacidi>,
*Unidentified Sound Object*, will be online Sunday, 23rd December 2007, for
a live gig via the Mogulus Internet broadcast network. Starting 21:00 UTC
time, you can enjoy a live video feed of USO performing live with Kyma and
Ableton Live from Rome via either the USO Project
blog<http://usoproject.blogspot.com/>or on the USO
Mogulus Channel <http://www.mogulus.com/usoproject>. Later rebroadcasts will
also be available on the USO channel.
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