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Thu Dec 20 09:01:50 EST 2007

two new online releases on con-v.org:

Cory Allen - observing a warmth (cnv45)

When composing the present work, Observing a Warmth, I
chose my ontological explorative measuring tool to be
the vibrational frequencies of the human Chakra
system. Each piece utilizes a devised frequential
pattern with the intention of resonating a single
Chakra and then moving onward to another, or
resonating multiple Chakras simultaneously, for which
I coined the term spinning wheel chord. The objective
of this experiment was to determine if embedding
certain frequency groups in music could enhance the
human nervous system and invoke positive
psychobiological alterations. The main instruments
devoted to these recordings were my Moog Voyager,
Fender Rhodes, and Computer.

text by Cory Allen 

Jeff Gburek - murmurs, then, grains of drought, ore
sought in the seeker's hand

essential mythological of southwestern
gold dust etheric cloud surrounding

city of sticks

ecological disaster of nuclear collateral
when distant panners strike a fool rush

these are the days of crumbling guns and lungs

all along these gorge boulders black and bald
footsteps half hoofed

gasp in the sun

water the day long blood of the mountain

look at how she run

force of kant and how down from the heavenly throne

waters cut dry stone gifts of gods

leak through surfaces calling sound

echo of sound

echo's bones


text by Jeff Gburek 


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