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SKOWYT DUSZY PSA is a project of Lukasz Kozak, a composer 
and musician from Krakow. 

"Urdoxa" is his second release after self-released Narodziny Nieboraka. 

In this work he attempts to recall the approach and soul of the early 
experiments of electroacoustic composers. 

Hitch-hiking back in time through the history of electronic music 
with a backpack of knowledge and theory, he uses old masters' 
techniques to gain his own original sound. 

And it works out quite well (which can be easily proved by the 
recording available here). 

Urdoxa - as Kozak describes it himself - is a "composition created 
with tools of old-school electroacoustics (tape-music) methods. 

It started from aleatoric score interpreted 24 times on different 
instruments (mostly custom ones) and recorded on tapes. 

Then, the sound was manipulated using pitch shifting, equalisation 
and mixed."

The release is available from:

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