[Microsound-announce] year-end

Mike Hallenbeck junior at juniorbirdman.com
Mon Dec 17 12:18:16 EST 2007

Hi all,

Hope everyone's having a fine holiday season so far.

Here's a final (I promise!) missive for 2007 regarding a few projects,
events, and what have you...

I'm pleased to have been included on a new mp3 compilation curated by John
Kannenberg over at Stasisfield. The collection, called "The Sonics of Art
Spaces", focuses on the acoustics of museums and galleries across the
world. My contribution, entitled "Sound Spandrel: Minnesota Museum of
American Art", originated as a headphone piece at the MMAA's "Sound In
Art/ Art In Sound" exhibition earlier in 2007. Download the compilation
here: http://www.stasisfield.com/releases/year06/sf-6001.html

PERFORMANCE (Minneapolis)
Minneapolis, Tuesday December 18th, Acadia Theater: this is the last night
of the Tuesday night free improvisation series at Acadia, for the time
being anyway. Acadia's moving and we're not moving with it, though we hope
to continue the series elsewhere. It's been a real treasure.

Anyhow, I'll be performing with my laptop as part of a trio with Bryce
Beverlin II (percussion) and Charles Gillett (guitar), and then later as
part of Brown Rainbow. For details on the show:

A few weeks back, London's Resonance FM broadcast an edition of
"Framework" produced by yours truly, where I was given the opportunity to
spin some field recording-oriented work by artists featured on the
Wandering Ear net label I co-curate. You can stream this episode by
heading to http://murmer.soundtransit.nl/playlists07.html and scrolling
down to "25.11.07".

Unfortunately, this edition wasn't produced in time to include Lance
Olsen's recent "Edges" release on Wandering Ear. Download it here:

"Silent Night (Shepherds Quake)" is a dismantling of a music box playing
"Silent Night", which I mention to enhance the holiday experience of
anyone who might have missed it last year:

"Shuffletronics #1: A Beginning, A Middle, And An End" is a randomized
piece involving interviews about sound with friends and family members:

"Palimpsest (Peter Stuyvesant's Ghost)" was part of the Dutch Days Radio
Hour broadcast during the Peter Stuyvesant's Ghost project in NYC, 2006:

Thanks for your time! Happy holidays.

Mike Hallenbeck

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