[Microsound-announce] 13 objects

Tomoroh Hidari hidari at gmx.net
Sun Dec 16 11:13:38 EST 2007

Out now for free download on Grazer Weblabel Bruit is my latest
offering, 13 Objects. 
3 tracks inspired by the Musique Concrete tradition.


Tomoroh Hidari

13 Objects

or: A Dadaist, A Surrealist And A Random Group Of Bystanders Marvel At
The Ferocious Whateverism Of The `Pataphysician.

1. A Séance, In Which The Ghost Of Freud Analyzes The Id Of Pierre
Schaeffer’s Ghost
2. This Track’s Title Was Stolen At Todd’s Luna Park
3. A Good Espresso-Machine Is Dead! - As Is Alfred Jarry.

A retro-futuristic experiment in applied concrete phonurgia. The hubris
of stealing the Method from the great Demiurges! – Which, by the way, is
no longer sacrilege!
Paradigmatically changed, and eaten by the children of the electronic
revolution, this regurgitation is post-modern ‘pataphysic popular music
in the guise of music concrète.

I will be appearing LIVE at the BRUIT labelnight, coming Thursday
(20.12) in GRAZ:

BRUIT Netlabel-Nacht
@ Interpenetration Festival
TV-Victor (Berlin, Tresor Rec.):
Tempelhof / Graz
A Virtual Journey
Upcoming Release on bruit.at + Video 
Herwig Holzman (aka Photophob, laridae)
Kabelton (Houseverbot Rec.)
Tomoroh Hidari (Isolate Rec.)
DJ's: She-Ra, Dr.Nachtstrom & v93r
20.12.2007, Forum Stadtpark Graz, downstairs Start: 21h
Eintritt FREI!
Enjoy visiting these:
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http://aphoriasms.blogspot.com/ - sense and none for entertainment
http://www.tomoroh.com/ - even better than the weird thing

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