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Thu Dec 6 13:41:46 EST 2007

Hello lower-micro-case-nauts,

My apologies for all the cross-postings lately.
I am pleased (and relieved!) to finally announce that here is a new 
pay-per-download release from mOAR, which is one of the two 
new subdivisions of and/OAR.

GoGooo: À Côté  (moar.p31)

The first MP3-only release on the mOAR subdivision of and/OAR
is one hazy mysterious daydream of an album from French sound 
artist Gabriel Hernandez (aka GoGooo). 

Perhaps if Ingmar Bergman, François Truffaut and Andrei Tarkovsky 
met for tea to discuss a possible collaboration on a short film, this 
might be what it could possibly sound like?

Guest appearances include Felicia Atkinson (Sylvain Chauveau 
collaborator), Jez Riley French, Paw Grabowski and Dale Berning.

Proceeds from each and/OAR download release goes toward 
supporting the artists.

I hope to be able to present a couple more mp3 releases by the
end of the year:

and.p31: Jonathan Benham & Christopher McFall: For Wings That Seldom
and.p32: Andrea Borghi: Selected Works - 2001 - 2006

Thank you again for your time,

and/OAR:  http://www.and-oar.org/

NEW: GOGOOO: À Côte (mp3 release on mOAR)
NEW: FRANCISCO LOPEZ: Wind [Patagonia]
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