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London: Advent Sprawl No.2 bulletin|| 1 || ROOT OF SINE - VOL 4

The latest root of sine collection demonstrates a clutch of talented artists exploring the way of the sine. Employing diverse techniques such as the glitch melodics of Michael Santos to the chaos patterns of Johan Zwart the results are compelling.  

+ local [michael santos]
+ remembered root of sines [celibacy club]
+ the queen of brooklyn [bluermutt]
+ just intonation [henry walmsley]
+ spine theft [stheft]
+ sinebulb 2 [unknown artist]
+ sinebulb 3 [unknown artist]
+ sinebulb 4 [unknown artist]
+ a sign in grain [johan zwart]

Root of Sine - Volume 4 is available from the PROJECT page of http://www.audiobulb.com 

|| 2 || CD - XMAS SALE

For the month of December only all CDs are being offered at a price of £5.50 (including P&P to anywhere in the world). Simply make a payment to contact at audiobulb.com stating which release you wish to purchase.

|| 3 || FZ-BULB

Sold out! The FZ-Bulb distortion box has now sold out. However, we can make a limited number to order for those of you who are desperate to get hold of one. Send an email to sales at audiobulb.com to find out how to place an order.


A new review at The Vibes cements Calika's credentials as a leading new figures in electroacoustic music. 


Seedling Mother is selling fast and available now from the online shop.

|| 5 || UNTIL 2008

Wishing you a peaceful, creative and fun holiday season.


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