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Furthernoise issue December 2007

"Altered Realities - Erdem Helvacioğlu" (review)
Recorded live to DAT using an acoustic guitar and live electronics, 
Altered Realities weaves in and out of the disaparate entities of 
accessibility and experimentalism. At times cheery and inviting and at 
other times disorienting and foreboding, electro-acoustic artist Erdem 
Helvacioğlu never alienates the less adventurous yet consistently 
explores the edges of the ambient aesthetic with daring and bravado.
review by Bill Binkelman

"Divisions In Parallel - Son Of Rose" (review)
In veering away from the saturated noise savagery of previous works, 
Seattle-based composer Kamran Sadeghi third full-length is an example 
of immaculately engineered sonic sophistication. A sense of 
musicianship and an applied intelligence of the sound and feel for the 
piano is rendered apparent, as Sadeghi splits its sharp report, adjusts 
its frequency and pans it across the stereo field.
review by Max Schaefer

"Improbable Transgressions - Pedro Carneiro" (review)
Pedro Carniero is a rock star…of classical percussion, that is. Yes, 
maybe it's a bit unusual for an accomplished symphonic percussionist to 
make a go of it as a soloist and composer while at the same time 
flirting with the "out there" world of experimental music.
review by Derek Morton

"Lngtché Music for an untitled film by T. Zärkkof" (review)
Music for an untitled film by T. Zärkkof is a continuous, evolving 
drone whose myriad parts revolve around each other like a mobile. A 
superb example of dark drone music, Music... is one 44-minute track, 
clearly divided into two loud, reverberent sections, separated by 
several minutes of quiet, ambient noise.
review by Caleb Deupree

"Musicamorosa - The Beautiful Schizophonic" (review)
Hosted by Jorge Mantas, under the cloak of indulgently named and 
inclined The Beautiful Schizophonic, comes this assemblage, drenched in 
a musk of hyper-imagined bedroom-bound longueurs of laptop-lathered 
longing (mmm, the indulgence is infectious!). Musicamorosa is trailed 
with the heady referential aromatics of artistic influences ancient and 
review by Alan Lockett

"No Foly Bow - Frederik Ness Sevendal" (review)
A regular in the improv drone noise scene in Oslo, guitarist Frederik 
Ness Sevendal has appeared in many constellations of musicians, 
Slowburn, Del and (at the risk of being accused of nepotism) my own 
occasional combo We Snakes.
review by Mark Francombe

"Piano Text - Aloof Proof" (review)
Aloof Proof's Piano Text has spawned something of a cult following 
among ambience chasers. Originally released in 1994 as a 
private-pressed CD, along with two others on his Carbon Base label, it 
was a Another Blue World. It was The Future Sound of Lulldom.
review by Alan Lockett

"Review of Drift: Resonant Cities" (review)
Drift:Resonant Cities, a series of internet radio programmes curated by 
Robert H King and New Media Scotland, the tracks on this double CD are 
part postcard, part travelogue, part aural archive. They shift from 
pure documentation and meandering narratives to processed and 
structured field recordings.
review by Stacey Sewell

"There Was No End - Andrey Kiritchenko and Sara Lunden" (review)
Tinged with a blurred, slightly out of focus quality, the collaboration 
between Andrey Kiritchenko and Sara Lunden inconspicuously slithers 
from pieces predominated by rhythms and the fragmented interplay of 
loops, towards others of more consensual forms, in which the emphasis 
on drones and textural layering results in a striking density of sound.
review by Max Schaefer

"Time Frost - Rapoon" (review)
Robin Storey refers to his work as “soundtracks”, and this programmatic 
aspect is as apparent as ever on Time Frost. Admittedly, its visual 
subject/object is entirely conceptual, playing in each listener’s 
head-cinema, but it does follow a Storey-ed script. His credentials as 
a sonorous screen-player are well-established, largely articulated in 
an esoteric netherworld of ritual/ethno ambient.
review by Alan Lockett

"Wakool - Candlesnuffer" (review)
Melborne-based guitarist Dave Brown forgoes overdubs and processing and 
takes the extended properties of electroacoustic, guitar, banjo, 
eukolin, and bandura as points of concern on his full-length effort, 
Wakool. Brown employs a complex of extended techniques to these 
instruments, caressing the strings with combs, tuning forks, and a 
medley of other devices, or pinning pickups on the body and headstock 
of the guitar.
review by Max Schaefer

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