[Microsound-announce] cod012-FERENC VASPOERI: Esplanade

Andras Hargitai andras.hargitai at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 12:06:26 EST 2006

Dear readers,

Complementary Distribution's 13th release is by Ferenc Vaspoeri, a new
Hungarian talent who mostly creates minimalistic 4/4 music. 5
magnificent Ep long Vaspoeri works have already been released by
labels such as Standard Klik Music, and ChiWare. He also presented a
fantastic live act at Cod Estek in Budapest, Hungary which will be
released as well in November 2006 at Complementary Distribution.

Esplanade is a minimal techno collage to which anyone can easily
daydream in cities or suburbs. Songs are more (but not too) minimal
than the average, and introduce simpler samples in a sofisticated but
twisted way, unlike standardised dubtechno netaudio releases. So
Esplanade is somehow rather closer to the fantastic works of Russian
minimal techno talents like Killahertz or Eric Delay. The title track
can be nothing else but one of the most romantic and emotional minimal
techno works in the scene with elaborate and elevated melodic
structure. These 5 pieces are some earlier tracks by Mr. Vaspoeri, and
he states that he prefers choosing different directions of 4/4 music
nowadays, so the uniqueness of this release is also guaranteed.

When we reach the suburbs of our virtual city, two other talents join
us: One is Cooler (U-Cover/Chi/Bitlab) who tells his own lovely, but
more heavy interpretation of the song Komfort with some analogue
sounds of his Nord Modular Synth. Finally, we can stand up and shake
to the electrobreaks of  Noise64's Esplanade remix who introduced
himself in the summer of 2006 with his album titled 120.

The release is also accompanied with an animgif image of the rising
Sun in the city of Budapest with some planes moving in the sky. The
cover, its photos, and the animgif is completely made by Plesiv aka
Karex who is a well known electro dj and visual artist in the
underground music scene of Hungary. The audio mastering is done by
Enjoy & spread it.

Release page and zip file -
Ferenc Vaspoeri – http://www.myspace.com/ferencvaspoeri
Cooler – http://cooler.underground.hu
Noise64 – http://noise64.mosfet.hu
Plesiv – http://ppp.mosfet.hu

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