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Takahiro Kawaguchi - "Soundscape with 2 Objects"

5" cd-r
rist08/ 2006

"The common denominator between these 2 works is that they are the recordings
of the devices, one of which makes sound and the other stimulates to make sound
in a natural ambience.
However, they neither blend in nor act against the surroundings: they
were placed
there and simply made sounds irrelevantly to the ambience.
Despite the musical irrelevance of the sounds ringing in the recording
space - of
course, there could well be some kind of a relation in the outset of
the noise of a
"device which makes noise" or its combination, but I believe there are
hardly any
musical relations between the sounds - there surely are moments of
rich and varied
resonant sounds and therefore I stand here setting the devices to capture those

Takahiro Kawaguchi

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thank you.

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