[Microsound-announce] SoundTransit at Dutch Design Week

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Tue Oct 24 17:01:15 EDT 2006

Soundtransit.nl has made a contribiution to the "Blind Spot Sound Art"
project organized by MAD for the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the


Derek Holzer/Soundtransit.nl - "Environmental Overlay - Eindhoven CS"


18min30sec (24 Mb)

The sounds used in this piece were selected from the archives of
SoundTransit.nl, a collaborative, online community dedicated to field
recording and phonography. Each shares some aspect of travel--whether by
train, boat, airplane or motorbike--with the others, and they have been
mixed into a continuous soundscape to be overlayed on top of the
existing ambience of the Eindhoven Centraal Station at a matching level.
What one realizes by listening carefully are the radical differences in
the acoustic environments in the world around us, and that a new,
"impossible" or "virtual" sonic situation is created by the combination
of any of these sounds and the environment we inhabit now.

Derek Holzer - Bratislava, SK "Departure Time"
Jeff Carey - Washington DC, USA "Power Plant, Bugs, Train"
John Hegre - Stralsund, DE "Der Stralsunder pt 3"
Grant Finlay - Auckland, NZ "Airplane Over Ladies Mile"
Keith de Mendonca - Kefalonia, GR "Water Under Boats"
Maksim Shentelev/my-ym - Patna-Kolkata, IN "On Train: Patna-Kolkata"
Fabian Klenk - Kontum, VN "Music Shop in Kontum"
Derek Holzer - Monte Alegre, Para, BR "Frogs on the Lago"
Katie Gately - Seattle, USA "Trains Spitting Water, Bird, Wind"
John Hegre - Stralsund, DE "Der Stralsunder pt 1"
Cedric Peyronnet - Kushiro, JP "Kushiro Harbour"
Jean Francois Cavro - Kyoto, JP "Kyoto Station"

All sounds used and published by Soundtransit.nl under the Creative
Commons Attribution License.

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