[Microsound-announce] A constant migration (between reality and fiction)

punck info at punck.net
Mon Oct 23 15:59:14 EDT 2006

Hi all
Published by the portoguese Creative Sources Recordings

my new record OUT NOW:

A constant migration (between reality and fiction)
Creative Sources Recordings (cs079-2006)

This is the second long length record made by the Italian artist Punck, 
alias Adriano Zanni. “A Constant Migration” is an evolving continuous 
trip into the experimental music between light drones and clanging 
atypical rhythms, whispering voices and barking dogs, field recordings 
and relieving melodies, and most of all between reality and fiction.
The whole record is done under the final supervision by Hue (Matteo 
Uggeri of Sparkle in Grey) that smoothed and mastered all the Punck’s 
accurate sound sculptures.

..punck uses laptop, field recordings, found sound and sampling to 
create his music. It proofs indeed to be the odd ball of this batch of 
his releases, even when the first track sound like an improvised affair. 
Zanni finely waves field recordings together with sounds recorded from 
objects and such like. Improvisation seems far away on this release, 
which is still along the lines of microsound and found it's influences 
in the work of Roel Meelkop or Richard Chartier. (fdw vital#548)

complete flash preview:

more info and orders

have a nice day



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