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herewith you and your friends are happily invited to the opening of our
exhibition "physiological frequencies - sounding and not sounding objects"
by swedish artist LEIF ELGGREN on tuesday, 24th October 2006 at 19.00h at
Kulturbunker Muelheim, Cologne. this is the first major show of Elggren's
drawings in Germany.
Leif Elggren is an international artist working in several fields, such as
sound (numerous CDs as Sons Of God or solo), painting, drawing, video- and
performance art and conceptual art. he is also famous for co-founding the
spectacular fictitious kingdom of elgaland-vargaland with Carl Michael von
Hausswolff. Please find more info below...
all best
from the krev minister of detours
till kniola


Physiological Frequencies - sounding and not sounding objects
Ausstellung von Leif Elggren

Vernissage: Di., 24. Oktober 2006, 19.00h
Öffnungszeiten: Mo.-Fr.: 12-18 Uhr, Sa. & So. 15 - 18 Uhr und im Rahmen der
7. Lange Nacht der Kölner Museen am 4.11.2006
Austsellungsdauer: 24.10.-05.11.2006

Kulturbunker Mülheim
Berliner Str. 20
51063 Köln
Tel.: 0221-616926
Fax.: 0221-6160796
E-Mail: info at kulturbunker-muelheim.de



"Physiological Frequencies - sounding and not sounding objects" -
Zeichnungen & Installationen

Eine Ausstellung von Leif Elggren

Vernissage: 24.10.2006, 19.00 Uhr
Mo.-Fr.: 12.00 - 18.00 Uhr; Sa. & So. 15 - 18 Uhr und im Rahmen der 7. Lange
Nacht der Kölner Museen am 4.11.2006
Dauer: 24.10. - 05.11.2006

Der internationale Ausnahmekünstler LEIF ELGGREN aus Schweden beehrt den
Kulturbunker Mülheim mit einer Ausstellung aktueller Zeichnungen. Etwa 40
fein gestrichene Arbeiten wird Elggren zeigen; dazu gibt es einen Einstieg
in das Spektrum des Künstlers mit Videoinstallation, Sound und Dokumentation
zum spektakulären Kunst-Königreich KREV, welches Elggren vor mehr als 10
Jahren gemeinsam mit Carl Michael von Hausswolff ins Leben gerufen hat. Leif
Elggren wird am 05.11. zum Abschluss der Ausstellung ein Konzert geben.

Leif Elggren

www.elgaland-vargaland.org (The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland)
http://www.thesonsofgod.com (The Sons of God)
http://www.fireworkedition.com (Firework Edition)
http://www.fireworkeditionrecords.com (Firework Edition Records)

Five years at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

Nervsystem (1976), Framförande (1979), Framförande II (1980), ORDBOK (1981),
Cu (1982), 10 dagar-en expedition (1982), Elektrolys (1982), 63 crawled
lengths (1983), Sthlm-Groningen (1983), Firework Fas 1:6 (1983), Det
alstrande elementets princip och funktion samt form (1984), Three at work on
27 areas (1986), Sacramental meals (1988), Royal Restlessness (1993), IDOL
(1993), Partiet (1994), Guds namn är felstavat (1994), Experiment with
Dreams (1996), Yellow&Black (1997), A Scholar Stoops mounted on a White
Charger (1997), Names (1998), KREV-A chronicle (1998), The Answers (2000),
Flown over by an old king (2000), Genealogy (2005).

Cu (7", 1982), Phauss&Firework (7", 1984), The dark/light room (7", 1984),
UGN (LP, 1986), Flown over by an old king (LP, 1989), Ventilation (7",
1991), MISSION (CD, 1991), The New Immortality (7", 1992), Resurrection (CD,
1993), Talking to a Dead Queen (CD, 1996), Proclamation (CD, 1996), The
Internationale (7", 1996), Zzz... (CD, 1996), KREV National Anthem (CD,
1996), The Codfish Suit (CD, 1997), Ebola/Swedish Dreamers (7", 1997),
Kapotte Muziek by L.E. (7", 1998), The New Immortality #2 (7", 1998), In
Sleep the Knives are Sharpened (10", 1998), RGB (CD, 1998), Pluralis
majestatis (CD, 1999), 9.11 (CD, 1999), The Object (CD, 1999), The Party
(CD, 1999), 45 minutes underneath the beds (CD, 2000), Two Thin Eating One
Fat (CD, 2000), UGN/MAT (CD, 2000), Cutting Crowns (7", 2001), Latrine (CD,
2001), DEG (LP, 2002), The Sons of God refurnish (CD, 2002), Extraction (CD,
2002), Virulent Images Virulent Sound (CD, 2003), The Cobblestone is the
Weapon of the Proletariat (CD, 2004), Connecting The Cross (CD, 2004), The
most powerful woman in the world (8", 2005), Gottesdienst (CD, 2006), 45
minutes... (CD, 2006).

Selections from 2006
Solo concert at the Norberg festival, Sweden.
The 9th Annual Activating The Medium Festival, San Fransisco, "Celebration
Of A Revolution" video.
Solo concert at Sala Rossa, Montreal, Canada.
"Traces", Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montreal, Canada.
Curated by Nicole Gingras.
"Mottagning", installation and a series of performances at Färgfabriken,
Stockholm as a part of the Sthlm New Music Festival.
Solo concert at the IdealFestival, Göteborg.
Solo concerts at the ICA, xxxxx23 festival, London.

Selections from 2005
Solo concert and KREV exhibition at the IDEAL festival, Nantes, France.
"Absolute Evil", concert with Mats Gustafsson and friends, Stockholm.
"DMZ-2005", group exhibition, South Korea. Curated by Yu Yeon Kim.
Japan concert tour together with Tetsuo Furudate and Arima and Kouhei
Concert in Speelhoven, Belgium together with Jean-Philippe Antoine.
"Before the Miracle", The Sons of God performance in Helsinki. Curated by
Tommi Keranen.
Stage design for a new dance performance by choreographer Björn Elisson,
Stage design for a new dance performance by choreographer Lotta Melin,
"The Upper Corridor and the Lower", sound performance/installation,
Fundacao De Serralves, Porto, Portugal.
"Absolute Evil", concert together with Mats Gustafsson, Sten Sandell and
Nora Kvassmann, Stockholm.

Selections from 2004
"Untrue Stories", group exhibition at Karvasla Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Curated by Marianne Zamecznik.
"Vid livets källa", Forum Box, Helsinki, group show together w. Grönlund,
Nisinen, Tomren and Hausswolff.
The Sons of God in Chicago: performance at "The Outer Ear Festival" and
lecture/workshop at the Chicago Art Institute School and one hour live radio
performance at the WLUW 88.7 FM.
"Before the Miracle", The Sons of God performance at the Liverpool Biennale.
Curated by Bob Connoly.
Solo concert at the Observatori music festival, Valencia, Spain. Curated by
Rubén García.
Solo concert with Tetsuo Furudate at Overgaden, København. Curated by Björn
The Sons of God at Norbergfestivalen, Sweden.
"Sound Canopy" a public sound art project, Chicago. Curated by Philip von
The Sons of God performance at the Small Music Theatre in Athens, Greece.
Curated by Nicolas Malevitsis.
The Sons of God as performers in DOGGOD by choreographer Lotta Melin,
Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm.
"Connected", a part of MusikTriennale at Kulturbunker Mülheim, Köln,
Germany. Curated by Till Kniola.
"Fysiologiska frekvenser", exhibition with drawings at Galleri Ciberopr,
Linköping, Sweden.
"Sonar2004", KREV as a part of Sonarmatica, Sonar Festival, Barcelona.
The Sons of God concert at the Pinxefestival, Huset, Copenhagen.

Selections from 2003
"One hour as a divine update", radio piece for Resonance 104.4 FM, UK.
"The Power is Yours!", short film by the Sons of God (Showed at Swedish
Television the 2nd August 2003).
"Activating the medium", solo concert at the sound festival at SFMOMA, San
"As if I was my Father", solo show at Thomas Ehrngren Gallery, Stockholm.
"Modesty", group show at SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana.
"Working day", three working days (full day concerts) at three different
antiquariats in Stockholm together w. Mats Gustafsson.
"The LAW" performance festival, Hull, UK.
KREV as a part of "The Utopia Station", Venice Biennale 2003.
German concert tour together with Kent Tankred, John Duncan, CM von
Hausswolff, Ulli Rehberg, Tetsuo Furudate, Zbigniew Karkowski.
"The Auditory Sense of Mr Roderick Usher", performance by Tetsuo Furudate at
Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Germany.
"Swedish Silence & Other Activities", music festival in Wels, Austria
(exhibition and performance, as well as visual design for the whole
"Avanto", music festival in Helsinki, Finland (solo concert).
KREV, inauguration of a new embassy, FOAM, Brussels.
TVproject for Subsonic, Australian Television.
"Parasomnia", groupshow curated by Anna Linder, Konstakuten, Stockholm.
Start of the non-periodical tabloid fanzine "The New Immortality".

Selections from 2002
"Flown over by an Old King", retrospective exhibition, Göteborgs Konsthall,
"KREVX", Ten years anniversary for the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland, KREV.
"Arranging for an opening of a teleport to Shangri-La", installation attempt
at Kungsbacka Konsthall, Sweden.
"New Jerusalem", solo show at Pierogi Gallery, NY (together w. CM von
"From one room to another", installation attempt at Centre Regional d´Art
Contemporain, Séte, France.
"Extraction", soundinstallation at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City.
KREV, opening of a new embassy, Mexico City.
"Transformer", group axhibition at Pori Art Museum, Finland.
"International Art Exhibition", Heaven Gallery, Chicago (together w. Brent
Gutzeit and Kuwayama Kiyoharu).

Selections from 2001
"The Homecoming", KREV, traveling project to Tallinn, Estonia.
DEG, concert tour together w. Mats Gustafsson and Kevin Drumm in Sweden and
"The North is Protected", Venice Biennale 2001, the Nordic Pavillion
(together w. A.Tomren, T.Grönlund, P.Nisunen, CM von Hausswolff).
Ljubljana Graphic Biennale 2001, Slovenia.
"Flown over by an Old King", retrospective exhibition, Passagen, Linköping,
"Othello", a noise opera by Tetsuo Furudate at Podewil, Berlin.
Concerts with the Sons of God in Minsk, Belrusia, Chicago and different
places in Sweden.
Sveral appearences on compilation cd:s in Japan, USA, UK, etc.

Selections from 2000
"The Answers", book release on Printed Matter, NYC (together w.
"Avträde" (Latrine), in conjunction with the group exhibition Omvandling,
Karlsborgs fästning, Sweden.
"Dream Machines", group exhibition, Hayward Gallery, London and exhibition
tour around UK. Curated by Susan Hiller.
"Flown over by an Old King", retrospective exhibition at Färgfabriken,

Selections from 1999
Concert at Podewil, Berlin (together w. Kent Tankred, Mike Harding and Benny
Concert at Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles (together w. CM von Hausswolff and
Per Svensson).
"Angels via Spirits", KREV at Robert Berman gallery, Los Angeles, Absolut LA
"Arranging for an opening of a teleport to Shangri-La", exhibition at SKUC
Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
"Borderline", KREV at "home" for the first time on the bridge over Svinesund
between Norway and Sweden.
"The Answers", exhibition at Bildmuseet, Umeå (together w. T.Liljenberg).

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