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two concerts in germany in the next days.
all best,

"From the Outskirts of Nothing to the Suburbs of the Void"
Filme und Livesoundtrack

Di. 17.10.2006, doors: 20.00h

Kulturbunker Muelheim
Berliner Str. 20
51063 Koeln

Thomas Köner
>From the Outskirts of Nothing to the Suburbs of the Void
Director: Thomas Köner 2006, 70 Minutes
Köner has continually collaborated with filmmakers, performing his scores
commissioned to accompany early silent films by institutions such as the
Louvre Auditorium or the Orsay Museum and working in the experimental
electronics scene. But Köner has also made his own video works - to great
acclaim. This time to perform his From the Outskirts of Nothing to the
Suburbs of the Void, which is part of an ongoing video cycle in which his
haunting images of becalmed suburbia are accompanied with a live mix.
Polyphonic white noise and children's voices intensify and deepen our
experience of absence and emptiness. Köner creates breathing images.
Acoustic and visual atmospheres blend over, comment upon, and interpret the
almost static images.




Mi. 18.10.2006, doors: 20.00h

Kulturbunker Mülheim
Berliner Str. 20
51063 Köln

Tape (Stockholm/Häpna, chamber music ambient soundscapes) Tenniscoats
(Tokio, experimental art pop) Ass (Andreas Söderström, Stockholm)

Reihe "bunkerfrequenzen"


On october the 24th, 2005 the swedish trio Tape will release their eagerly
awaited third album - Rideau.
The main idea behind this record was to make something that differed from
the two previous albums that was recorded by the group themselves, and also
to try to work with another person to push thesmleves in another direction.
The choice fell on Marcus Schmickler, german musician and producer and the
album was recorded in his studio in Cologne, winter/spring 2004-2005.
Another way of working had to be found and the concentrated atmosphere that
was established were soon transferred onto the recordings.
The surroundings of Cologne made for sure an imprint as the previous albums
were recorded in rural Sweden. The songs have a more architectural structure
this time, a sharper sound, more rhythmical elements and a grandeur that
hasn´t shown before.
Tape´s music moves between experimental music and pop without effort.
and has been recognized internationally for it´s particular sound where
electronics blend with all sorts of acoustic and electric instruments.
Tape was formed in 2000 by brothers Andreas and Johan Berthling together
with Tomas Hallonsten.
Their first recording Opera came out in 2002, the second - Milieu in 2003,
both released on Häpna.
Tape have done shorter tours in Europe, the US and Japan.
In august 2005 Staalplaat released a live cd of Tape in their "Mort Aux
Vaches" series.
Marcus Schmickler is a musician, producer and composer with a broad range.
Solo - he makes noisemusic , pop with Pluramon with Julee Cruise and
composes cotemporary music for choir.
Andreas Berthling has made records with electronic muisc under his own name
on labels such as Staalplaat, Fällt, Anechoic and Mitek. Plays with the
groups Frontroom Ensemble and Feed and is also active as sound engineer.
Tomas Hallonsten´s sheer musicality and ability to play several instruments
has led him to perform and record with a lot of different swedish artists.
Outside of Tape, Johan Berthling works mostly as a double bassplayer with
musicians like Sten Sandell, Raymond Strid and Mats Gustafsson. He has
worked with swedish artists Nicolai Dunger, Stina Nordenstam, Goran Kajfes
among others

Tenniscoats consists of Saya on vocals and keyboards and Ueno on guitar and
saxophone. They make their own brilliant mix of pop and experimentalism and
are also members of the Maher Shala Hash Baz collective. They were featured
in a episode of MTV´s This is our music.
Members of Tape will join their set.

Ass is Andreas Söderström´s solo venture.
He´s one of Stockholm's busiest musicians and plays with Jenny Wilson, Blood
Music, Pallin and as an extra live member with Tape.

a u f a b w e g e n
p.o.box 100152
50441 cologne

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