[Microsound-announce] EMS Concert 12th October-London

Thanos Chrysakis azimuths at freenet.co.uk
Wed Oct 11 17:12:31 EDT 2006

////Electronic Music Studios Concert///     
////Thursday 12th October 2006 ////  
///7.30pm, Great Hall, Goldsmiths///

Free admission. All welcome


Dawn Scarfe: Rounds [8-channel]
Thanos Chrysakis: Childhood's Vertigo
Matthew Byrt: Glitchnoise 

Ian Stonehouse:  snow growing in a typewriter between the words
John Drever: -scape
Adam Jansch: The Passage Through Mysterious Forests                         
Chris Halliwell: Mattr 1 [8-channel]                                        

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