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New cd:

| Marc Behrens & Paulo Raposo, Hades
| And/Oar
| http://www.and-oar.org

Upcoming events:

| 11.oct, 20:00
| Paulo Raposo & John Grzinich: (sound locations - transpositions)
| La Sala (c) Castelló

| Avda. Francesc Cambó, 36

| Metro Jaume I, Barcelona

"Sound Locations - Transpositions" presents a cross-section of recent
from composers John Grzinich and Paulo Raposo. The presentation
includes an
ever-shifting juxtaposition of site-specific recordings
(acoustic sounds,
field recordings and video images), along with live
performance and
electronic processing. "Sound Locations - Transpositions" as a live event,
becomes the next
phase in a continuous process, bridging recorded documents
with live

| 13-22.10
| Pushing The Medium #3
| http://maaheli.ee/ptm

³Pushing the medium² is an international symposium of sound and mixed media
artists. The event entails a series of laboratory sessions together with
concerts and conferences. Its focal theme is ³the experiment of sound as a
mean of expression in its relation with space and with physical experience².
It is organized by the Orchestra Filarmonica of Udine (Italy) in
collaboration with the Topolo¹/ Topolove Cultural Association and Università
degli Studi di Udine.

colaborative performances
5.10 Teatro Miela, Trieste
22.10 Teatro San Giorgio, Udine

participants: Antonio Della Marina (IT), Yannick Dauby (FR), Klaus Filip
(AT), John Grzinich (US/EE), Noid (Arnold Haberl) (AT), Karen Hay (UK),
Alessandro Fogar (IT), Klaus Filip (AT), Murmer (Patrick McGinley) (US)
Billy Roisz (AT), Giancarlo Toniutti (IT) Toshimaru Nakamura (JP), Olivier
Feraud (FR ), Urkuma (Stefano De Santis) (IT), Paulo Raposo (PT)

| 25.10
| Dust, performance
| &+ Antonio Della Marina and André Gonçalves
| Centro Zitelle, Venice, Italy
| http://lnx.cz95.org


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