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[SF-5005] : Dan Warburton : A Walk Through D

Paris-based Dan Warburton's "Walk Through" series of compositions 
based on ambulatory field recordings began here on Stasisfield back 
in 2004 with A Walk Through L and continued with a CDR release of 
walks through "R" and "V" on Why Not Ltd. The walks continue as 
Stasisfield simultaneously releases A Walk Through D with Con-V's 
release of A Walk Through M. The "D" in question here is is the 
village of Domecy-sur-le-vault in Burgundy, France, where the 
original source recordings were made one evening in April 2004. This 
entry in Warburton's Walk series may display slightly more overt 
electronic manipulations to the source material, but it loses none of 
the dream-like immersive qualities of its forerunners.

[ http://www.stasisfield.com/releases/year05/sf-5005.html ]



[SF-2002] : john kannenberg : miles.

Stasisfield founder john kannenberg's EP is a collection of tracks 
dealing with travel, nostalgia + adaptation. The five tracks included 
feature a combination of synthesized textures, syncopated beats and 
manipulated field recordings of Chicago, London, Montreal and Paris.

[ http://www.stasisfield.com/releases/archive/ ]

Thanks for listening.



john kannenberg

[ http://www.johnkannenberg.com ]

[ http://www.stasisfield.com ]

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