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JTTP 2006 Top 5 on Elektramusic Radioshow for Experimental Music
Bourges, France

The top 5 works as selected by the jury for this 
year's competition will be played during the 
entire month of December 2006 on Elektramusic 
Radioshow for Experimental Music.

      1. Priscille Gendron -- Camille (2005-2006)
      2. Raphaël Néron-B. -- Toons (2005)
      3. Yota Kobayashi -- Reminiscence (2006)
      4. Stefan Kozminchuk -- The mind is the voice (2006)
      5. Myriam Hamer-Lavoie -- Et pluie souffle... (2005)

The programme can be heard online via a live 
internet feed available at 

The CEC thanks Paul Clouvel and Elektramusic for 
his ongoing support of CEC projects, and for 
continuing to program works from the Cache and 


Elektramusic Radioshow for Experimental Music -- Paul Clouvel
Web label dedicated to contemporary and 
electroacoustic music, and to emerging sound 
artists and composers. Each month Paul Clouvel 
assembles a playlist which is broadcast around 
the clock via live365.

http://www.elektramusic.com/radiofr.html (français)
http://www.elektramusic.com/radious.html (english)
Contact: Paul Clouvel <radio at elektramusic.com>

List of online radio programmes programming 
electroacoustic content (eContact! 8.4)


More info on the larger JTTP project:

Programme notes and composer biographies for all 
JTTP submissions, as well as a list of the 
Project Partners and jury members is found in 
issue 9.1 of eContact!, the CEC's online journal 
of electroacoustics.

All works from the CEC's annual JTTP project 
appear in SONUS, the CEC's online Jukebox of 
1800+ electroacoustic works (search for "JTTP 
2006" in the "Appeared in" field).


Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) 
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
c/o Dept. de Musique, Université Concordia RF-302
7141 rue Sherbrooke ouest, Montréal QC CANADA H4B 1R6
[ http://cec.concordia.ca | http://econtact.ca | http://sonus.ca ]

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