[Microsound-announce] blog update: steve roden | thilges | mattin | pickled feet | cassette culture

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Wed Nov 29 09:28:21 EST 2006

The latest installment of my Odyssean efforts to catch up with the 
experimental sounds and noises of Berlin went online last night. Could 
become quite a regular thing if there's enough feedback.


Steve Roden plays the Talking Machine: microsound vs text-to-speech pump 
Thilges and the Mixtur-Trautonium: old fashioned analog synth subharmonics
Mattin--Sonic Auslander: meditations on the "noise proletarian"
Pickled Feet--Outsider Recordshop: winner of the strangest store in 
Berlin award for 2006!
Cassette Culture--more Retro Recycling?: how lo can you go?

plus reports on Das Kleine Field Recording Festival!

best wishes,

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