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I am always looking for new sounds. Drop me an email or give me a call on
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Hi folks,

This week we heard all about Chris Clark's third release on Warp, 'Body
Riddle'. He has dropped his first name and simply adopted Clark. Whatever,
it sounds good.

In the second hour, Tim Hecker joined me to chat about 'Harmony In
Ultraviolet', his first record on the Kranky label. This is the Canadian
artist's 5th full length and a superb continuation of his static tonal work.

In fact, both records are great continuations of each artist's work and are
well worth picking up. I guess the unifying theme last night was a
no-nonsense approach from both artists. Meaning? They make music. Approach?
Whatever interesting sound presents itself.

There is a lot coming up between now and the end of the year. Stay tuned.

This week:

22nd November 2006: Christopher Willits has a new album out through Ghostly
Inernational. "Surf Boundaries" is his second release for Ghostly (and his
first full length for them). Think of Christopher's wonderful textural,
washed-out guitar tones combined with some vocals and melodies. I'm
convinced it is the 21st Century Beach Boys :) He had a chat from his home
in San Francisco a few weeks back.

Janek Schaefer jumps on the phone from England in the second hour. His new
record on Room40, "In The Last Hour", is a treat. Janek incorporates a
brilliant sense of space in his work. He's a pappy now and loving it. I know
what he means. Tune in to hear our conversation and an exclusive new track
that will be released by French magazine 'Fear Drop' this month.

In the pipeline: Scott Smallwood, Accretions Label Focus, NMA Tapes
retrospective, 2006 recap

Have a great week,


Symbiosis Playlist - 15th November 2006

Artist :: Track :: Album/Link :: Label (if applicable)

Benge :: bambie [evsc version] :: EVSC2:06 :: Expanding Records

Jelinek/Pekler/Leichtmann :: buddhaMachineCommercial :: Jukebox Buddha ::

Goem :: bato :: Albri :: 12k

Electric Birds :: astral traveling :: Gradations :: Mille Plateaux

Clark :: herr bar :: Body Riddle :: Warp

Chris Clark interview

Chris Clark :: indigo optimus :: Empty The Bones Of You :: Warp

Clark :: vengeance drools :: Body Riddle :: Warp

Chris Clark :: betty :: Empty The Bones Of You :: Warp

Clark :: the autumnal crush :: Body Riddle :: Warp

Clark :: dead shark eyes :: Online exclusive

Isan :: yttrium :: Plans Drawn In Pencil :: Morr Music

Fenton :: once upon a forest :: Pup :: Plop

Miller & Fiam :: wise coward :: Tea For Two v/a :: Meupe

Sawako & Radiosonde :: sawasonde01 :: http://www.myspace.com/sawako/

Joe Talia :: exterior :: In/Exterior :: Holding Pattern

Northaunt :: crocker land :: Cryosphere :: Glacial Movements

Jan Jelinek :: a concert for television :: Tierbeobachtungen :: Scape

Tim Hecker :: chimeras :: Harmony In Ultraviolet :: Kranky

Tim Hecker interview

Tim Hecker :: azure azure :: Radio Amor :: Mille Plateaux

Isis :: carry (first verson) - Tim Hecker remix :: Oceanic
Remixes/Reinterpretations :: Hydra Head Industries

Tim Hecker :: Knockoff No. 1 :: vague terrain 02: digital landscape: Tim
Hecker :: Vague Terrain

Tim Hecker :: spring heeled jack flies tonight :: Harmony In Ultraviolet ::

Vitor Joaquim :: moments of emptiness :: Flow :: Cronica

Boards Of Canada :: tears from the compound eye :: The Campfire Headphase ::
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