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Thu Nov 16 18:43:52 EST 2006

brand new album by Somerville-based sound artist Asher
and third work released on con-v after his acclaimed
'...and invariably the blue' and 'graceful
degradation' albums. 'landscapes elsewhere' introduces
more musical elements in his beautiful lowercase sound
(residual microsound) than others of his works;
post-impressionism for this post-digital age,
'landscapes...' is possibly his very best so far.

'Outside in the slow night by the light of the moon,
the wind slowly shakes things which, swaying, cast
shadows. Perhaps it's merely hanging laundry from a
higher floor, but the shadows in themselves don't know
the clothes, and they impalpably flutter in hushed
harmony with all things. [...]
And without seeing, without thinking, my eyes now
closed on my non-existent slumber, I wonder what words
can truly describe moonlight. The ancients would say
that it is silvery or white. But this supposed
whiteness actually consists of many colors. Were I to
get out of bed and look past the cold panes, I know
I'd see that in the lofty air the moonlight is of a
grayish white, blued by a subdued yellow: that over
the various, unequally dark rooftops in bathes the
submissive buildings with a black white and floods the
red brown of the highest clay tiles with a colorless
color. At the end of the street - a placid abyss where
the naked stones are unevenly rounded - there's no
color besides a blue which perhaps comes from the grey
of the stones. The horizon is almost a dark blue,
different from the black blue in the deepest sky. On
the window where it reflects, the moonlight is a black

( from the book of disquietude by Fernando Pessoa )


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