[Microsound-announce] K.M.Krebs - new online release on con-v

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Sat Nov 4 06:16:32 EST 2006

K. M. Krebs delivers five solid compositions of
electroacoustic/ambient artistry with "The Blue
Concubine". A mark of his signature style, Krebs melds
and juxtaposes organic sounds with electronic sounds
to build a highly listenable album of deep
electro-organic ambiance. Applying his own unique take
on contemporary musique concrète, manipulations of
concrete sounds and abstract electronics are woven
into a collection of richly textured works full of
intensity and emotion. This is an album of flux and
contrasts, where the comforting sounds of chimes and
bells vie against dense electronic drones; where
noisy, dissonant collages meet moments of choral-like
concord; where traces of phonography intermingle with
processed digital sounds; and where the shifting
atonalities of ambient noise symbolize the
unpredictability of this kind of music.


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