[Microsound-announce] Submissions Invitation

Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Wed Aug 23 06:15:51 EDT 2006

Submissions Invitation for Appropriate Re-Appropriations - A 
compilation of innovative music & sound created with Creative Commons 
licensed audio.

Furthernoise.org has teamed up with Freesound and is presenting a 
special file sharing opportunity. Part exquisite corpse, part Chinese 
whispers, part peer2peer ping pong.

Over the past few years the amount of audio available to re-use and 
manipulate governed by Creative Commons licensing has grown massively. 
We would like to highlight this and encourage new ways of using these 
archives of plunderphonic delight to create an ever expanding terrain 
of inventive new sound using the Freesound library.

We invite submissions of compositions which creatively use at least 
(but not limited to) 1 audio sample from the Freesound library to be 
included in our next net release Appropriate Re-Appropriations.

Important Note
For each sample you use from the Freesound library you must upload one 
of your own, which will also form part of the selection process.

Freesound library - http://freesound.iua.upf.edu

Submission Guidelines

Part A
Send a CDr of your composition to:

34 Claremont Road
Bristol. BS7 8DH.
United Kingdom.

Please include track title, your full name + AKA's, URL's and email and 
contact address as well as a signed written consent for us to use the 
composition within the guidelines of the Creative Commons Sampling + 
license for the purpose of this compilation.

Part B
Be sure to include all relevant details of what Freesound sample/s  you 
have used in your composition.

1. Name & description of sample used, original author (inc contact 
email address) all tags & file names in the Freesound database.

2. Name & description including tags & file name of sample you have 
uploaded to the Freesound database .

Deadline is 31st October 2006.

Appropriate Re-appropriations: an invitation to hit sounds with a 
fairly large stick.

For new reviews & features - http://www.furthernoise.org

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