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Did you see this? The Pd book is out. Some more info also here: 

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pd-graz proudly announces:

  after the success of the pd~convention shirts, we have decided to
produce another charge of the well beloved t-shirts.
  they are available for sale

  finally the documentary of the pd~convention has left press:
    the book "bang" is 'a compilation of texts describing the different
approaches to pd, a profile of its usage and development. It is
contradictory and at the end, one finds oneself with a lot of open
questions, on a technical level as well as on a philosophical one'.
With articles by: Miller Puckette, Marc Ries, Christian Scheib, Brian
Jurish, Susanne Schmidt, Reinhard Braun, Andrea Mayr, Frank Barknecht,
Günther Geiger, Thomas Grill, Hans-Christoph Steiner, IOhannes Zmölnig,
James Tittle, Cyrille Henry, und Winfried Ritsch, Michael Pinter, Reni
Hofmüller and others.
 ISBN-10: 3-936000-37-9
 ISBN-13: 978-3-936000-37-5

the book comes with a complimentary DVD of audio/visual works presented
at the 1st international pd~convention (the DVD is also separately for
sale, see http://pd-graz.mur.at)

attack the shops!


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