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Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Sat Aug 12 13:07:02 EDT 2006

Hi everyone the August issue of Furthernoise.org is now up online. As 
always we're flagging up some great new music & noise as well as the 
opportunity to contribute to our next net release Appropriate 
Re-appropriations utilizing audio from the amazing Freesound library. 
See Fn net label for more details. I hope you enjoy this issue and as 
usual look forward to any feedback or comments.

Furthernoise issue August 2006

"Month Of Sundays A/V Performances" (feature)
Month Of Sundays A/V Performances
Furthernoise.org hosted a month of Sunday afternoon live audio visual 
internet performances throughout June 06 in the online file mixing 
platform Visitors Studio. It featured some of the most innovative 
international A/V artists mixing remotely in various geographic 
locations and time zones and mixes were also broadcast to audiences at 
E:vent, (London) Watershed, (Bristol) & The Point CDC Theatre, (New 
feature by Roger Mills

"Christoph De Boeck - Sound Incorporations" (review)
The Sound Incorporations DVD-ROM documents a research event that took 
place in Antwerp, Belgium on May 8th, 2004. The DVD contains a set of 
video presentations given by various artists. The symposium was hosted 
by the Performance Studies department at the University of Antwerp, 
MUHKA (Museum of Contemporary Arts) and APT (Arts Performance 
Theatricality postgraduate programme).
review by Alex Young

"Cichaczem" (review)
Robert Curgenven is a sonic nomad who takes much of his inspiration 
from the 'Subtleties underlying living in challenging landscapes and 
climates'. He should know too as he has spent the best part of the last 
6 years living in a small outback town in Australia's Northern 
Territory working in community cultural development with remote 
indigenous communities.
review by Roger Mills

"Clark - Boris Hauf" (review)
Clark, a 7 track CD released on Sijis by Boris Hauf, is aesthetically 
well-placed in Sijis territory. Fragments of techno juxtaposed with 
modernist contemporary experimentation make it liable to pique the 
interest of many an electronic music connoisseur.
review by Alex Young

"Double Exposure - Winduptoys" (review)
After catching a Wind Up Toys live set a few years ago I remember being 
impressed by Robert & Jeremy's DIY ethic when it came to making all 
sorts of bleeps & glitches. Everything from flexed, amplified rulers to 
bird whistles & vocalisations sent through analogue processors, their 
palette of sound limited only to their imaginations.
review by Roger Mills

"Erg" (review)
It came packaged in a DVD case, some material placed under the clear 
outer casing with a sun-like shape printed on it. Just the thing for a 
bright summer morning. Inside, the CD design echoes the sun symbol, 
hand printed and accompanied by a sole sheet of paper outlining the 
artist name and track titles.
review by DJC de la Haye

"Every Vein Leads To My Heart" (review)
Press play on Mathieu Ruhlmann's ‘Every Vein Leads to My Heart' and in 
a moment's time you'll feel like you're stepping tenuously into a 
dramatic, cavernous monastery. Dreamily bowed cymbals and metals ring 
out through encompassing reverbs, their inharmonic frequencies drifting 
towards each other in vain attempts to find their equal, but instead 
reconciling their differences to form beating-oscillations.
review by DJC de la Haye

"Lacunae Collapse" (review)
With one of those slightly irritating goth-esque names that you can 
never quite remember, Lacunae consist of Kasten Searles, Arson Bright 
and one A. Peluso, and, intriguingly, they have never actually met!
review by Mark Francombe

"Odd Numbers - The Blessing" (review)
 From the opening bars of the syncopated 4 bar riff on Equal and 
Opposite, I'm locked into the beat of the opening track of Odd Numbers, 
The Blessing 'Live at the Bell, Bath. I'd seen them a couple of times 
before in Bristol and was curious to hear how their live be-bopped 
groove would translate onto the home stereo.
review by Mike Willox

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