[Microsound-announce] Tales of Ten Worlds -- temporary glitch resolved and files are available for your listening pleasure

Skip Acuff SAcuff at rwrplc.com
Sat Aug 5 01:17:04 EDT 2006

Many thanks to FAX list member Andrew Keyser for helping us out in a big
way, and many thanks to Nick Corbin for getting Si's tracks out there
originally.  And of course really big thanks and props to Si:


"Alright, the tracks themselves are up at
http://turbogfx.net/si/tales_of_ten_worlds and an updated playlist in
that folder (direct link:  

20Of%20Ten%20Worlds.m3u) "





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Update:  Si's tracks were so popular that the site hosting the link to
his music exceeded its web traffic limit for the month of July and had
to take down the link.  The site should be operative again on August 1,
unless we can find an alternative way to stream the tracks.





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	Dear Friends on the Ambient and Microsound lists:


	Some of you are also on the FAX mailing list and already
familiar with this new release by Simon Matthews, Tales of Ten Worlds.
I won't attempt to describe the music here, but it deserves wide
exposure IMHO.


	In brief, Si submitted this 10 track work to Pete Namlook for
consideration to publish on the FAX label.  Although Pete decided
against picking it up on FAX, he wrote a very positive and encouraging
response to Si, who shared it with the rest of us.  In light of Pete
Namlook's kind words, we asked Si to post a link so that his fellow FAX
folk could listen to what Pete had praised.  Several of us have now
heard the album on line and found it quite impressive.  I asked Si if he
would mind if I passed the link on to our friends at the Microsound and
Ambient lists.  I just received his permission, so here you go.  I
connected to the IDM-making list as well, as the musicians there also
overlap these lists.  So -- enjoy, and please let us know how what you




	From: simon matthews [mailto:si.matthews at ntlworld.com] 
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	Subject: (fax) Tales of Ten Worlds




	Hey all.

	A few weeks ago i wrote about how i'd sent a CD of my music to
Mr Namlook. 

	Should you want to hear it yourself, you can by going to the
link above. 

	Any constructive critisism would be gratefully recieved!!!! As
you know what you like in your ambient/electronica etc and you all know
what you are talking about when it comes to this genre of music.

	Enjoy ( I Hope)

	...and MANY Thanks to Nick Corbin (Sonic) for the whole web site
design etc etc. Cheers.


	Thanks, Si.

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