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catalog number: and/16
artist: JOHN HUDAK
title: Sand Or Stars

Comparisons between the sand of the earth with the stars above are
many, but comparisons of this release by American composer
John Hudak with his previous work are far less to be found.

The first piece of this CD mastered by John's friend and collaborator
Stephan Mathieu (Sirr.ecords, Lucky Kitchen, Hapna, etc),
is unlike much of John's previous work in that it features sharp staccato
percussive sounds suddenly dodging in and out, but nevertheless
it still has John's "endless" compositional sense written into it.
A subtle sense of humor seems to be inherent in the piece as well,
as if some of the sounds hesitate with indecision as to whether
or not they should make their presence known or perhaps they are
trying to avoid colliding with some of the other sounds.
And upon listening to this piece, be careful with volume settings
at first listen, because the listener will quickly discover another
of this piece that is unlike much of John's previous work: sudden
volume shifts. This seems to suggest that the sounds are also
changeable in temperament as well!

The second piece on this CD is perhaps the most meditative
of the collection with its muted midrange buzzing that jumps around
within the stereo spectrum, perhaps being reminiscent of musical
radar signals or sonifications of normally inaudible activity occurring
in a planet's magnetosphere, all the while maintaining a benevolent
warmth throughout.

And what could possibly be described as the amplification of rolling ion
particle blasts being broadcast via shortwave radio, tells us that
we have reached the third and final piece of this collection of
what could be considered as being among John Hudak's finest works

catalog number: A19
artist: DALE LLOYD
title: Semper

"Semper is Alluvial's first release of 2005 and is co-released 
with the and/OAR label. Seattle-based composer Dale Lloyd 
has collaborated in the past with people such as Yannick 
Dauby and Michael Northam, and has had work released by 
labels such as Bremsstrahlung Recordings, Staalplaat and 
Sirr.ecords. For the past 5 years, Lloyd has played a quiet but 
strong role in bringing new life to the notion of "environmental 
recordings as sound art" (or "Phonography") with the highly 
regarded compilations produced for Phonography.org, as well 
as other projects and activities.

The first piece entitled "Semper", is mostly a quiet and 
contemplative work, yet it contains sprawling builds from near 
silent ebbs and flows to thunderous crescendos. Also heard 
are delicate field recordings and found objects transformed 
and woven into intricate electronic tapestries. The second and 
shorter piece titled "Magnesian Recumbit" is a slowly building 
ambient work with a unique sense of melancholy that makes 
for a perfect ending.

"For me, Semper basically illustrates a series of self-searching 
questions (with subtle epiphanies) followed by a somewhat 
enigmatic resolve or 'answer', of which I believe we have all 
encountered in our lives in one way or another." - Dale Lloyd

Surely, it is one of the strongest works to come from both Lloyd 
and Alluvial."  - Alluvial Recordings

and/OAR:  http://www.and-oar.org/
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