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framework broadcasts live every friday (except the first one of each month) on resonance104.4fm  in london (uk) or worldwide on http://www.resonancefm.com between 8:30 and 9:30pm bst, and is repeated the following wednesday between 11:00am and 12:00 noon bst

next live broadcast: 15.04.05
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framework - phonography/field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity
presented by patrick mcginley

we sampled almost exclusively unreleased submissions it this edition, both from new artists and old favorites.  we began the show with a 20 minute mix of sounds from an installation piece commissioned by fact (the foundation for art and creative technology, liverpool: http://www.fact.co.uk) and created by chris watson.  with the help of local residents, chris created two soundscapes, composed from sounds recorded in the city of liverpool, and in nearby sefton park, respectively.  the two soundscapes are broadcast on two separate cable television channels in a single towerblock overlooking the city and the park, so residents can switch between the two while looking at their places of origin from their windows.   fact was kind enough to invite me down to experience the installation in the home of one of the residents, and also gave me copies of the two soundscapes in order that i be able to share them with you, dear listeners...

we also explored submissions by two new artists to framework, who each sent entire discs of submission, so we should be hearing more from them soon: we heard two raw but creatively executed field recordings from australia's anthony magen (anthonym) and two delicately composed offerings from france's emmanuel mieville.  all of this unreleased material was joined by a single new release on colin potter's icr label, the sublime echoings of long heat, the new collaboration by jonathan coleclough and lethe.  we heard samples both from the main disc and the limited edition second disc (long heat second part) that comes with the first 250 copies.

again, we are always looking for material for the show, whether raw field recordings, field recording based composition or introduction submissions.  send material, released or not, on any format, to the address below.   we are also hoping to have live performances as often as possible, so if you are in or passing through london please get in touch! 

31 nevill road
london n16 8sl

framework at talk21.com




this edition will be rebroadcast this wednesday, 13.04.05, at 11:00am bst 

(artist  /  title  /  album  /  label)

marcus lynch  /  framework intro
a distant, metallic intro - recorded, perhaps through resonating metal or glass?

chris watson  /  park  /  a winter's tale  /  -
a compressed day in the life in liverpool's sefton park...
http://www.chriswatson.net, http://www.tenantspin.org

chris watson  /  city  /  a winter's tale  /  -
...and it neighboring cityscape in this tenantspin project
http://www.chriswatson.net, http://www.tenantspin.org

emmanuel mieville  /  herbal dripping  /  flutter soundscapes  /  -
contrasting rain and elemental rumbling - perhaps the groaning of a train on its tracks?

anthonym  /  shorum seaweed  /  -  /  -
'shorum us a small pacific ocean beachside village a couple hundred km east of melbourne - i sat in a 1.5m high pile of seaweed and recorded'
anthony at urbaninitiatives.com.au 

jonathan coleclough & lethe  /  long heat  /  long heat  /  icr
coleclough trademark rumbles coupled with the site-specific echoes of empty spaces
http://www.minya98.freeserve.co.uk, http://www.lethe-voice.com/kk, http://www.icrdistribution.com

emmanuel mieville  /  le cavalier king charles  /  flutter soundscapes  /  -
seascape, choruses of screeching birds, distant hooves and the telltale sign of humanity...

anthonym  /  bankers lamp study ___ 3, 4, 5, 6  /  -  /  -
'contact mic recording of touch lamp... electricity!'
anthony at urbaninitiatives.com.au 

jonathan coleclough & lethe  /  long heat second part  /  long heat  /  icr
rumbles make way for more harmonic tones and we zoom in on the contents of those empty spaces in this excellent second part
http://www.minya98.freeserve.co.uk, http://www.lethe-voice.com/kk, http://www.icrdistribution.com


framework intro submissions:

1)    take yourself and an audio recording device to a location of your choice
2)    record for AT LEAST 1 minute before you -
3)    read the following text:

welcome to framework.

framework is a show consecrated to field recording, and it's use in composition.
field recording, phonography, the art of sound-hunting; open your ears and listen!

4)    continue your recording for AT LEAST 2 minutes after you've finish speaking
5)    send the recording on any format to the address above, or as an mp3 via email



the framework 2003 cd has been reprinted and is now once again available directly from the resonancefm online shop, along with a selection of other benefit cds, t-shirts, and general paraphernalia.  drop in here to have a look:


framework 2003
resonancefm benefit cd featuring highlights from the year's broadcasting

rob grant & melanie clifford  /  framework intro
thomas dimuzio  /  unearth & lift and spear  /  sonicism  /  rrrecords
chris watson  /  river mara at night   /  stepping into the dark  /  touch
johannes helden / - / sketchbook / trente oiseaux
toy bizarre  /  -  /  kdi dctb 116  /  absurd
murmer  /  liquid solid  /  definition  /  absurd
jgrzinich & seth nehil  /  the distant edge  /  confluence  /  intransitive
seth nehil & jgrzinich  /  the mirrored corner  /  stria  /  erewhon
annette lissauer  /  framework intro
toby paddock  /  air, surface and magnetic vibrations  /  -  /  -
steve roden  /  -  /  resonant cities  /  trente oiseaux
francisco lopez  /  untitled #101  /  untitled (2000)  /  ignis projekt
mnortham  /  ancient sewer pipe, valletta, malta  /  phonography.org 5  /  phonography.org
the quiet american  /  donkey trains leaving marpha, nepal  /  phonography.org 4  /  phonography.org
steve barsotti  /  trainyard presence  /  phonography.org 5  /  phonography.org
k. m. krebs  /  jericho sailing center (nautical gamelan)  /  phonography.org 4  /  phonography.org
david daniell  /  highway 371, forty miles south of farmington, january 19, 1998, 2:25 pm  /  sem  /  antiopic
joyce hinterding  /  -  /  spectral  /  antiopic/sigma editions
david daniell  /  dixon lake road, july 31, 1999, 5:45 am  /  sem  /  antiopic
tacet ncv  /  live on framework
jean-luc guionnet & bertrand denzler  /  live on framework
dallas simpson  /  framework intro
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