[Microsound-announce] so.cal.sonic festival of experimental and improvised music

Glenn Bach gbach at csulb.edu
Mon Apr 11 13:00:02 EDT 2005

festival of experimental and improvised music

six days of free music in Long Beach, California


Tuesday, April 19, 2005, 7 PM
THE DOME ROOM, 528 E. Broadway (at Linden) (562) 499-OPEN
Kraig Grady and The Ensemble of 31 Birds, Spastic Colon, kadet, Albert 
Ortega, Liam Mooney

Wednesday, April 20, 8 PM
OPEN, 144 Linden Avenue (at Broadway) (562) 499-OPEN
Jeffrey Roden, The Choir Boys, Missincinatti, Noah Thomas

Thursday, April 21, 8 PM
2ND CITY COUNCIL, 435 Alamitos Ave. (between 4th and 5th) (562) 901-0997	
Steve Roden, The Ivytree, Jim Haynes, SLaB (Stinson, Liebig, and Bach)

Friday, April 22, 7 PM
VIENTO Y AGUA GALLERY, 4007 E. 4th St (at Termino) (562) 434-1182
Marcos Fernandes, Brad Dutz’ Obliteration Quartet, Friedman/Fraser Duo, 

Saturday, April 23, 8 PM
THE DOME ROOM, 528 E. Broadway (at Linden) (562) 499-OPEN
soundCommons Orchestra, I Heart Lung, hop-frog, John Kannenberg + Glenn 
Bach perform "Two Cities"
Sunday, April 24, 12-5 PM
CAL STATE LONG BEACH, Gatov Galleries (between FA3 and FA2)
Aaron Ximm (Quiet American), Hay/Intriere/Shadduck Trio, 
Tiner/Phillips/Hubbard Trio, the moon and mars, Sumako


All concerts are FREE ADMISSION and all ages.  Lineups, venues, and show 
times subject to change.

For directions, artist bios, links, or further information, please check 
the so.cal.sonic website at http://www.csulb.edu/~gbach/socalsonic.html, 
or e-mail gbach at csulb.edu.

Sponsored by the Odyssey Project at CSULB

Additional Sponsors/Links
OPEN (http://www.accessopen.com)
2nd City Council (http://www.2ndcitycouncil.org/default.htm)
Viento y Agua Gallery (vientoyagua at verizon.net)
Parabolic Productions (http://smgsap.org/paraprod)
KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine (http://www.kuci.org)
Los Angeles Sound Calendar (http://www.soundcalendar.spasticcolon.org)
Soundwalk 2005 (http://www.soundwalk.org)
[New Music TBD] (http://www.musicunbound.com/NewMusicTBD)
Mouvement Nouveau (http://www.mouvement-nouveau.com/intro/index.html)

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