[Microsound-announce] pneuma records,sydney

tobias grime toby at kazumichi.com
Sat Apr 2 00:26:27 EST 2005


Just a brief announcement of a small experimental sound label a bunch 
of us run in Sydney, Australia.

We have 4 releases form last year, some new ones in the works now as 
well as a compilation.  A mixed bag of works that will be of interest 
to people in this list.

Also, if anyone has any contacts for good distribution in 
Europe/USA/Japan, drop me a mail off list, at the moment we sell 
locally in Australia (with Synaesthesia Records  doing international 
mail orders) and am just working something out in London.


kindest regards,
kazumichi grime
sydney, australia.

Tobias Kazumichi Grime
mobile: 0412 030 177
toby at kazumichi.com
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