[Microsound-announce] High above, picnicking...

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Fri Apr 1 15:36:27 EST 2005

Gregory Elliott wrote on 4/1/05:

>chirp chirp

It's a very clear day, and we're high above the "noisy world... becomes
merely the skill of muting internal shuffles and isolatingincursions
from  the turbulent environment beyond.  Thus the great high-rise towers
of the world stand on tip-toes, looking out across the ffires of the
city.  (Belle vue--mauvais son.)

-R. Murray Schafer

"Our machine, it has done its work, played its part well
Without a scratch on our bodies and we bid it farewell
Starfish and giant foams greet us with a smile
Before our heads go under we take a last look at the killing noise
Of the out of style."

-Jimi Hendrix

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