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with regards to Linux for audio/multimedia the basic point is YMMV - rinse and repeat.
linux is top notch for experimental stuff, but for me on my hardware it was just too cumbersome at the time.
for this classical studio boutique stuff, mac or win just because that's the commercial standard and most developed.

and now let's bury the poor horse ; )

On 15 Apr 2011, at 09:53, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:

> Hi Kim,
> Really nice descriptive article, bravo.
> Lorenzo.
> Kim Cascone wrote:
>> with all due respect Kurt: you don't know what you are talking about
>> and are just repeating ridiculous FUD you've heard
>> read why I switched from OS X to Linux here:
>> http://createdigitalmusic.com/2009/08/linux-music-workflow-switching-from-mac-os-x-to-ubuntu-with-kim-cascone/
>> I just finished a new CD made *entirely* on Linux and I actually had
>> an easier (and cheaper) time of editing and mixing a CD than on OS X
>> I use Ardour, Audacity, Pd and LADSPA plugs and have to say that I
>> enjoy the heady power I now have versus the closed commercial
>> boutique-ware I was using on OS X
>> as far as hardware goes: all laptops are designed and/or made in one
>> of three factories in China and share many of the same chip sets with
>> all other computer brands - i.e. pop the hood and see that there are
>> no (or very little) magic Apple parts...
>> to wit: I've had two Dells running pretty much 24/7 for over two years
>> now and not once have I experienced an issue or a technical hardware
>> (or software) problem - they are both solid workhorses which I can't
>> claim for any of the Apple products I've owned - read my article
>> posted above
>> these statements reflect my opinion and is only my personal preference
>> - no need for debates, flame wars or fanboy nonsense
>> that is all
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