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Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Sun Apr 10 09:17:15 EDT 2011

Hi Samuel,

I don't know about any literature about recreating electronic music but I
know of at least another effort of this kind:

I wonder why MaxMSP is being used for this.  I would have thought that an
effort to recreate (and perhaps archive) some historical music that requires
to be run in software would use open source software in order to 1)
potentially reach wider audience and 2) ensure that the music can be
performed in unforeseeable future, even if some technology becomes obsolete.
 The chances of reviving a dead proprietary software are rather slim,
especially if the source code is not available for public consumption.

So, for instance, Pd is free, open source, runs on almost all possible
operating systems and platforms including iOs, Android etc.  Wouldn't it be
more suitable for this kind of project?  Of course all my arguments are moot
if the only reason for this recreation is an exercise to learn MaxMSP and is
not intended to be published to a wider audience, which would be rather

Just wondering...


On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 3:21 PM, Samuel van ransbeeck
<thinksamuel at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Hello
> At my university we will do a project where we will be recreating the
> software for Risset's music for piano and disklavier from the eighties. This
> will involve porting the patches to MaxMSP 5. Of course we will have to
> write report and papers about it. Now, I was wondering if anyone could
> suggest me interesting literature about the recreation of old electronic
> music.
> Thanks
> Samuel Van Ransbeeck
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