[microsound] 1 bit symphony

Massimiliano Viel mail at maxviel.it
Tue Sep 7 18:14:11 EDT 2010

Il giorno 07/set/2010, alle ore 23.41, David Powers ha scritto:

> If you were really immersed in your work, there is no need for
> language to explain your thought.

This would happen if music were a universal language, but it's not.

> The work itself says all that needs
> to be said; if you could put it into ordinary words, what would be the
> point of creating the artwork?
> By the way, Henri LeFebvre already diagnosed the problem with
> metalanguage swallowing language and everything being discussed at one
> remove in the late sixties. I think now we can see how spot on he was.
> For him it is a byproduct of bureaucracy... which I think is exactly
> right. The institutional art world is really just a vast bureaucratic
> labyrinth (including but not limited to academia).

Well music is part of a social behavior, it deals with communities.
And today communities are really mixed, so there must be some language issue around.

> I think I will generate all my artistic statements via a random pomo
> jargon engine software.



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