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Apparently it looks as a new mean used for old music thinking.
If lo-fi helped us to get rid of harmony and patterning coming from academic minimal style, there no point in resuming it once again.
Its' too early (IMHO) for it to be a style revival, it looks more like a style (attempt of) survival.
Nevertheless packaging is very nice and this is anyway just my opinion after the vimeo's video...


Il giorno 07/set/2010, alle ore 17.20, john saylor ha scritto:

> hey
> don't know how many are aware of this:
> http://www.1bitsymphony.com/
> well, i bit [ouch!] and got it. there are some interesting things
> about the music, but to be quite frank, i prefer most of the chiptune
> players to perich. when listening to it, i often felt that while his
> understanding of how machines make music was not as deep as it could
> be. i guess i could simplify it by saying i felt there was more
> symphony than there was 1 bit.
> also, while the code for generating the music [i think] was included
> on the card there was precious little about meta issues [what the
> software was like, how the programming was done, what were his
> aesthetic aims with this music, and so on]. and from an engineering
> standpoint, it seems like it was not designed to last very long or
> take much abuse. people spill and drop things [and their kids tear
> them apart ...] all the time. i don't think this package can take much
> of that. there is something about a cd release that is kept by using
> the same packaging, i get that; but as a bit of technology, it kinda
> fails in my book.
> don't misunderstand, i think it's an interesting project, and i put
> out my currency to but it. so that says something in and of itself.
> other opinions, comments?
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