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I was able to attend the premiere of 1 bit symphony at Roulette, NYC last month and it was fantastic. Not only was the sound system great, which brought out aspects of the 'music' that may be missed in earphone listening, but it felt like a truly new approach to symphonic music. The performance was coupled with four monitors which (somewhat) vaguely showed the patterns being used in the piece.
I now also own the actual manufactured 1 bit symphony 'cd' and I must say it doesn't sound as grandiose as it did at the premiere but still great.

Yes the idea of 1 bit sounding music isn't necessarily a new phenomenon but I thought it is well executed, especially if you consider a broader demographic of listeners' understanding of it.

On Sep 7, 2010, at 11:20, john saylor <js0000 at gmail.com> wrote:

> hey
> don't know how many are aware of this:
> http://www.1bitsymphony.com/
> well, i bit [ouch!] and got it. there are some interesting things
> about the music, but to be quite frank, i prefer most of the chiptune
> players to perich. when listening to it, i often felt that while his
> understanding of how machines make music was not as deep as it could
> be. i guess i could simplify it by saying i felt there was more
> symphony than there was 1 bit.
> also, while the code for generating the music [i think] was included
> on the card there was precious little about meta issues [what the
> software was like, how the programming was done, what were his
> aesthetic aims with this music, and so on]. and from an engineering
> standpoint, it seems like it was not designed to last very long or
> take much abuse. people spill and drop things [and their kids tear
> them apart ...] all the time. i don't think this package can take much
> of that. there is something about a cd release that is kept by using
> the same packaging, i get that; but as a bit of technology, it kinda
> fails in my book.
> don't misunderstand, i think it's an interesting project, and i put
> out my currency to but it. so that says something in and of itself.
> other opinions, comments?
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