[microsound] Vid for my track on the vague terrain comp

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Cheers Jaime and Devlash,

Jaime - I was never after total abstraction, so I'm quite happy if the
viewer can see what the things in the video are (though in fact they're
trucks in a container yard, not trains). In fact part of the point was to
take imagery of the physical but generally hidden workings that prop up our
virtualised economy and "virtualise" them - make them immaterial, repeat the
process. "All that is solid melts into air", etc. So being able to make out
things within the abstraction is pretty crucial.

Thanks for the advice on tension and pacing. Because I'd decided to stick
with one piece of footage and one "look" I found that difficult, and you're
probably right that there's more work to do there. I was worried about
using too many synchronised elements for fear of "mickey mousing" the
music but maybe I was overly cautious in that respect.

Devlash- glad you liked the music. Thanks for saying so. You may be right
about the video being too reliant on one effect. If so that's unfortunately
a problem with the conception - it was a conscious choice to stick with
variations on one process. Partly that was for consistency, and to anchor it
in one "place", partly it was to mirror the music, and partly it was just
personal inclination. I figure if Curtis Roads can write a whole series of
pieces using only granulated pulsars there's no reason why a vid using only
rutt-etra style processing shouldn't be workable. If it feels a little
monotonous in this case though, then I guess it has to be a matter of
my finding more creative ways of maintaining tension/providing variation -
that's something I struggled with a little.
As I say, first crack at this, and my mates, being mates, are apt to only
say nice things - so it's good to hear honest reactions. Cheers.

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>  I think it starts nicely, but then the abstract images become too
> obvious, as you can see easily two trains on a railroad.
> I think this kin of visual treatment deserves some tension, were you try
> to resolve the forms.
> The more abstract material fits better at the beginning, like the
> 'pushed in z axis' 3d mesh.
> You could alter the more evident parts at the beginning, maybe masking
> some regions (with black squares or so).
> Then, around 2',  you begin to introduce the 'real world', and it works
> nicely.
> But these 2 first minutes should maintain the tension, with abstract and
> evocative shapes.
> The rhythm is ok, I think, following the audio parts.
> But you can always introduce more 'synchro- events', reinforcing some
> important sounds.
> I hope this helps.
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> Rutt / Etra scan processing. Looks nice. I like the ending especially.
> There is a great Quartz Composer plug-in which attempts to emulate
> this effect  out there... very well done emulation.
> I like this music in the video. The video is nice however seems too
> reliant on this one effect.
> dvn
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